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    Jeff Bagby...

    I'm not sure where to post this topic so I picked here. If this is not the appropriate venue, please move this to the correct forum... ************************************************ For those of us that have been involved in this wacky obsession that we all share there is a name that stands...
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    Welcome to Triode Wire Labs

    Great to see you here, Pete! TWL knows cables!!!
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    My Clean Power Adventures

    The BUSS-Depot switch Is there to prevent an accidental shock when it is unplugged from the wall. There are internal safety resistors, but they take a few seconds to defeat the PFC network. There is always That Guy that sticks the 9V battery to his tongue on a dare! Having exposed blades on...
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    My Clean Power Adventures

    Tom, All I can say is WOW and thank you! My BUSS-Liner of products have been a lobor of love for the last 10 years. Comparing one of my current (insert pun here) UberBUSSes to one of the originals is like comparing high school and college xxxxball. The present version of the Uber has...

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