Audio industry professional with a background in recording arts, semiconductor manufacture and retail

Faith, Family, Audio, firearms and target shooting, reading, sports
Albuquerque, NM
The Place To List Your Gear
Mach2 Mac Mini Music Server, 2TB Hitachi HDD External Storage in Rosewill cases w/ Oxford controllers, Dodd Audio battery powered preamp, Dodd Audio 15WPC battery powered stereo amp, several different HE speakers including GR Research SuperV, Dayton 8" Point Source drivers in a TQWT w/ servo subs, Kimber 8TC and 4TC biwire cables, dB Audio Labs Tranquility Special Edition DAC, PI audio group interconnects, USB and Firewire 800 cables, PI audio group MPC/Mini+ and MPC/Source One+ power cables to Mini and DAC, PI audio group UltraBUSS power conditioner, PI audio group Mac/MiniBUSS, PI audio group MacSandwich, An Audible Divverence Isolation Elevators and Isolation Cones, PI audio group ABB series diffusers and absorbers and too many other doo-dads to list.........
Owner/designer PI audio group, LLC


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