Audiophile, gonzo reviewer, former AES member.

Audio, computer programming, algorithms.
Aug 12, 1960 (Age: 59)
Cleveland TN.
The Place To List Your Gear
V-MODA Wireless2 Codex, Senal SMH1200, Beats Studio3 and Solo3, Apple Airpods, DragonFly Red/Oppo HA2/Meridian Explorer2 DAC/amps.
The Place To List Your Reference Tracks
Boz Scaggs - Booker T -- I've been loving you too long.
Software dev.


V-MODA M100 Master, Grado WH1 'White', Beyerdynamic Lagoon, Pioneer HDJ-X10c, DragonFly Cobalt, Oppo HA-2, Meridian Explorer2.



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