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    Looks like a good event to look forward to and volunteer for.
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    DIRAC Target Curves

    I don't know if anyone would find these valuable, but there must be at least a few folks who would find these useful. Maybe even revelatory. These are target curve files to be used during filter creation in the DIRAC and DIRAC live process. There are files for DIRAC 1.* and DIRAC 2.* Some...
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    Having trouble with Dante AVIO AES3/EBU Adapter and Foobar2000

    I've set the bitrate to the max supported by the device, 96k, and left it there the past couple days. I was concerned about math errors with 44.1 (*2 = 88.2, not 96), but not sure I'm hearing it. I think it sounds better than USB. I'll feel more confident in making an assessment once I have some...
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    Having trouble with Dante AVIO AES3/EBU Adapter and Foobar2000

    Got an answer from Audinate support: "Hello Clayton, If you want a device that will change the sample rate automatically, Focusrite is the only company I know that offers Sample Rate Follow. Their software allows you to setup a device to be the master sample rate, and all the other devices stay...
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    Having trouble with Dante AVIO AES3/EBU Adapter and Foobar2000

    I'm trying to use a Dante to get ethernet to coax audio to supply a PCM signal to a DAC. I have a music server PC running Dante Virtual Sound card and Dante Controller. If I play a file in Foobar2000 that matches the bitrate I set the computer and the Dante receiver at, no problem. But if I play...
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    End of 2017 - What's best in Home Theater Preamp / Processor

    I currently have a Integra DHC-80.3, starting to think about upgrading to something better. I'm not real concerned about ceiling speakers. I'm doing 7 channels (Martin Logan electrostatics) and 3 subwoofers. I have a projector, not yet 4k and I don't think I'll be getting a 4k projector before...
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    When's the next Integra preamp coming? Will it be DHC-80.4 or something else?

    And will it have more subwoofer outputs? Or will another brand be the next big thing? Seems some brands are quitting the home theater pre / pro game (Denon) altogether or releasing entry level products and not flagships (Emotiva, Parasound, Outlaw). Seems like Marantz and Integra are the last...
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    ServoDrive Contrabass: OK to lay down on its side?

    Yes, my house was built with seismic anchors between house and foundation. :) I have an M&K 12 inch and an SVS cylinder in this theater and Bass Shaker tactile transducers on the couch.
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    ServoDrive Contrabass: OK to lay down on its side?

    Madrona Digital is coming to install a TV projector tomorrow in my theater. I've had a ServoDrive Contrabass behind the flatscreen TV, but with the projection screen going there I won't have the space I used to have. I'm sure the installer will have some good ideas for rearranging things, but...
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    Integra dhc-80.1 has turned faulty, fix or replace?

    It's locked up on me and otherwise failed for quite some time. Pulling the power for a few moments has fixed it up until yesterday when it got a lot worse. Should I get it fixed? What's the max I should spend on it or what should I get to replace it? Has a release date been announced for the...
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    New Integra DHC-80.3 released So how much better is the .3 from the .2? This is an idle question for me because I'm probably a few years away from replacing my 80.1, but I'm curious none the less.
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    I'm a product tester, finding fault is a compulsive behavior for me. Women love it. I don't know why you say I should have expected to be disappointed with the phono stage. There's no justification for inferior quality in any feature of a product because quality does not need justification...
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    New High-Resolution Binaural Recording

    I have a pair of small speakers on my nightstands, I call them "bedphones" because they're so like headphones in the way they sound. Do you suppose Binaural would work with them? Or is the isolation of headphones necessary to the effect?
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    Corigliano: Circus Maximus

    Got this, love it! Thanks for the recommendations, folks! Keep em coming!
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    Thank you! I've had it for a couple weeks now and I DO love it. I had the Anthem AVM30 previously and I read a few random forum posts out there that said the AVM30 is better than the .1, but not the .2, so I agonized a bit over the decision. But I'm finding I like it more than the AVM30...

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