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    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    Hi, may I ask what brand is the 422a? Thanks
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    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    Just installed the Marconi U50 rectifier. It's wonderful! Thanks Adamaley for the recommendation. Back to listening...
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    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    A little late to the game, the sale ended in 2016.:)
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    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    And the journey begins at home. I think the Lampizator TRP owners are driving up the prices of GEC Kt66! Have you check the price lately?
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    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    I just came across the FTA USB cable thread and didn't realize that Lampizator NA is a dealer for it. Have to give Fred a call, again. :(
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    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    While waiting for my TRP to arrive from Fred, any USB cable recommendations will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    Is the Golden Atlantic upgradable to to the TRP? Thanks
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    My Porsche Weekend Project

    Your side skirts look great! Where can I get some? Thanks.
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    Doctor's Orders-Part Two-The New Listening Room Of Steve Williams

    Hi Steve, What is the price difference between the original version fo the Center Stage feet and the version 2? Thanks.
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    Air Force 1 Premium - New Flagship

    Hi Tang, Amazing system and awesome sound! What equipment do you use to record the youtube video? It is extremely clear and I can even hear the sweetspot when you moves towards the center. Thanks!
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    why tweak?

    I have also very old and very bad rack,the first Target very resonant,so i will change with Artesania,a very good rack not expensive like CM or HRS I also have several Target stands. I am going to try this product and see if it helps.
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    Confessions of an Audiophile Junky-I Got Center Stage With Pitch Perfect Sound

    Hi Steve, Does the equipment need to be playing music 24/7 for 7+ days to break in the footers?
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    Game Of Thrones- Season 7

    How many miles is Dragonstone to beyond the wall? Those dragons fly fast! Kenyan Hillary Kimaiyo won the inaugural 10 km race last year by blazing to an almost unthinkable 26:01.2 but I think Gendry is faster. Where do the wights get those chains? How do they attach the chains to the animal...
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    Golden Gate DAC arrives.

    Aren't you voiding the warranty by opening the case and 'working under the hood'?

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