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    The Mysterious Case of the Listening Window! By Jeff Day, Positive Feedback

    yes, indeed. How many dealers will tell you dcs is the best digital they have heard and wilson is the best speaker there is. dealers happen to be affected by bandwagon effects also. It Is just the nature of luxury and entertainment industries. No one will be able to hear every combination out...
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    The Mysterious Case of the Listening Window! By Jeff Day, Positive Feedback

    Hi Madfloyd, i had no idea you used them. I tried them in my multiple systems, and absolutely hated them for the reasons I described. If they work for you great. But I am afraid you may be missing transparency with them. Do try others if this is a concern to you. best of luck in your audio journey
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    mola mola Tambaqui

    There are dozens of DACs at the $10k price point. And anyone can price their DAC at $10k. what is unique about this DAC? What makes this one different?
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    The Mysterious Case of the Listening Window! By Jeff Day, Positive Feedback

    magico and Wilson are the most popular speakers because of herd effects. Some audiophile are leading the herd, and you may be one of them, but most are just followers, as Bonzo explained.
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    The Mysterious Case of the Listening Window! By Jeff Day, Positive Feedback

    Hi Peter, cool that you found something you like. Sure, there are some bad, irredeemable cabkes out here that just cloud things up and slow things down, lilike kielbasa Sosna. amazing guys would buy a $100k speaker famous for transparency “details “ but fuk it up with that.... And Wilson guys...
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    The Mysterious Case of the Listening Window! By Jeff Day, Positive Feedback

    If by post 300 something guys are still arguing about definitions, one can deduce what’s in between. As Socrates advised, “the beginning wisdom is the definition of terms.” ... It’s the typical platonic audiophile garbage due to a lack of a fundamental understanding that high end audio is a...
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    The Mysterious Case of the Listening Window! By Jeff Day, Positive Feedback

    Hi Peter, I hope you are doing great. Just read the first post in this thread, the linked article, and the last post. Having read the last post, I thnk there is a log of audiophile masturbation in this thread - using sandpaper.. sorry, I got a migraine today , so I will be using less...
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    Symphonic Line

    I believe people also have had great success using these amps with Vivids, B&Ws, Magicos, and other hard-to-drive box speakers. Guys who thought that these popular audiophile box speakers are analytical when driven by the popular, quickly changed their minds after hearing them with Symphonic...
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    What are some of the top 845 Amplifiers you have heard?

    Thank you for the replies. Anyone try RCA 845s? I found that WE 300B tubes tower over the others in musicality. (Although the other brands and replicas may be more "neutral" and extended at the extremes.) I wonder if it is the same case with going with RCAs.
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    Symphonic Line

    I have had many of the hyped up brands In my house. Got blood and scars and a bad back to prove it. Symphonic line is the most organic SS ever made. Guys who like Luxman , pass xa, gryphon, and the class a sound should like it. But symphonic line is even less hifi sounding than those...
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    State of the Art Solid State vs SOTA Tubes: Which is Moving Faster?

    Hi Kal, Sorry didn’t see this earlier. Looks like my comments have struck your amygdala. But I prefer reason, despite our hobby being subjective and predominantly Platonic. So What exactly struck your amygdala? Is it the fact that when one looks at the taste of the stereophile social network...
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    Doubts about speaker and room size.

    Duke, you are amazing! I can't think of too many people who grasp this stuff and can explain it the way you do. Question for you: can one do anything, in terms of placement or anything else, to make planars sound more omni-ish, more 3D, where the music just floats in space so properly, on the...
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    New amplifier for Tidal Piano G2

    Bricasti synergizes really nicely with Tidal. Key benefits: - Natural detail (meaning not hi-fi hyper detail that so many audiophiles crave) - Relatively laid back sound
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    New MSB Amp Marketing Claim: "Make 2nd Tier Recordings Sound as Good as the Best Recordings" - Big Hairy Audacious Goal or Reality? What's behind it?

    Hi Kal, It was in my friend's TAS. I think they claimed something about negative feedback, low noise floor, and sounds like a "tube amp" (whatever that means). Nothing really concrete. I'll text my friend and let you know if there is something else there that I didn't mention, but it was...

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