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    New amplifier for Tidal Piano G2

    I'm getting the Piano G2s next week and I'm wondering if the Accuphase E5000 or Luxman L-509x integrated amps would suitable with them. There aren't many reviews of the E5000 yet as it's fairly new. The Luxman L-509x has garnered a lot of praise and I wonder if it would be refined enough for...
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    Has Anybody Tried Crystal Cable Reference Interconnects And Power Cords?

    Thanks pweg that is great information. Do you know if the Crystal Ultra series are significantly better than the Reference series?
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    Has Anybody Tried Crystal Cable Reference Interconnects And Power Cords?

    Has anybody tried the Crystal Cable Reference line and give their impressions? I'm leery of silver cables as they are purported to have a lean and bright presentation.
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    Alpha EF vs Python Zitron Power Cords

    I can't find much information about the Alpha EF. Does the extra flexibility result in inferior performance to the regular thicker power cords? How does the Alpha EF compare to the Python Zitron? I'm looking for a power cord for my Bel Canto Black ACI 600.
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    Any owners of B&W series 800 D4 yet?

    @pcf May ask you about the 801 D4 treble and how it compares to the treble in your previous Focals and YGs? In terms of the size of the soundstage in your room does it seem to go above the tops of the speakers and beyond the sides of the speakers?
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    Opinions On Tidal Audio Piano G2 For an 18' x30' Room

    I wonder if anyone can say how Magico S5 mkii would compare to the Tondas? It seems that some people find the S5mkii tweeter too be rather bright sounding and the bass to be a bit lean. I've read that the Tondas and S5 mkii both can have a lean overall presentation. As I mentioned above my room...
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    Opinions On Tidal Audio Piano G2 For an 18' x30' Room

    Thankyou Kenc and joaovieira for your very helpful responses. Its great to hear from actual owners of these fine speakers and I will take your advice and seek out the Tondas and Contriva G2s.
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    Opinions On Tidal Audio Piano G2 For an 18' x30' Room

    I am looking to make a big upgrade in speakers and I was wondering if the Piano G2 is too small for my 18' x 30' room. I have a Bel Canto Black ACI 600 integrated amp, 300 watts/ch 8 ohms, 600 watts/ch 4 ohms. I listen at levels of 70-80 dBs at most but a lot of the music I listen to has...

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