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    Goebel Divin Noblesse Speakers in Da House!

    soooo nice! congrats! super beutifull system! top notch.
  2. byrdparis

    DV - XV1-S....

    HA! now we getting somewhere... i would love to here your thoughts about the XV1 with the P1 vs tube stages if you have any to compare on the fly. i was thinking about connect it if and when... to my 912, but from experiance - when you flip it "back" to the P1 things become more -clear- lets...
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    DV - XV1-S....

    Thanks again. very much appreciate you talking the time to debate this... i was thinking about adding Alnico to the bunch, and pairing it with the tube stage, but what bothered me some from your statment is that : "XV-1s because it really does't do anything wrong" its sound a bit mmm... like...
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    DV - XV1-S....

    Hey Jack, thank you so much for your input. much appreciate, sound like a good observation. for the VTF issues, i red about those variant, ppl got the feeling that the XV1 is a bit bright and tried to mellow it down i assume, but took some of his character away as you described. anyway i am...
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    cool. i never heard about them...
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    DV - XV1-S....

    Hello, Im thinking about adding the XV-1S to my stable, especially for paring with my DV507MK2 arm. is there anyone who know about it fully and compared it to other big $$ carts that on the market right now, and can shade some light about his strength and character ? how it holding on for...
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    TechDAS Airforce V arrived :-)

    Fantastic! congrats. the V looks awesome. i love my AF3P, but when i got the original 3 and they came out with the V, i couldn't wounder how good it is compared. btw - which arm is it in the left bottom spot?
  8. byrdparis

    VDH Colibri Stradivarius 0.38mv

    selling my almost brand new VDH colibri... i have way more cartridges then i can listen to in a life time. so, first in first out. i have around 20 hours on it, i was playing it on my Thales simplicity II and switch back to my ANNA, just because i was afraid that the VDH was hanging between 4...
  9. byrdparis

    My TD AF3P also arrived.

    thank you my friend! i tried ;) (we dont celebrate xmas... but i have a great time either way )
  10. byrdparis

    My TD AF3P also arrived.

    Dear Tang, thanks for the suggestion... but i am very much sold for the TD AF line, technology and performance. although... i do believe there are more wonderful TT out there... and if i could manage the funds in the future for an AF1P i will definitely consider some top end alternative... maybe...
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    My TD AF3P also arrived.

    In a matter of fact i was in a bit of a struggle to set up "Tension" this time V.S the numeral times i did it on mine and others AF3 original users locally. those previous times was so easy and almost every time (when it was in the area) would lead to 45RPM (on the Tension programming) and...
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    My TD AF3P also arrived.

    Hi, i think the most notable difference between the Original and the premium is in the Bass and mid department. the bass is Much more deep and punchy also well define. the premium also feel more substantial and firm sounding from the previous 3. the heavier platter, the better baring and the...
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    My TD AF3P also arrived.

    so, after TD made me wait for almost 6 month for my AF3P after i sold my AF3 late June, i was analog-less for several months. The T34 arrived last month and finally after him the long waited AF3P, was filling my second top shelf stand. i knew when TD announced the AF3P that is will be next...
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    My Torqueo audio T34 exclusive Zebrano is Up and Playing.

    I thing the lack of abilities to translate between what we hear and described for our-self and what is really playing for other PPL is the Gap. the AF3 is more superlative and balance in a full scale of the music. the T34 has more "mid bump, big and juicy presentation to it" less micro dynamic...
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    My Torqueo audio T34 exclusive Zebrano is Up and Playing.

    I never said that its only lush and that it :) . it basically have it all, but when you compare it to an High end machinery like the AF line, you probably will hear those big juicy lush characteristics that idler pushes thru the signal. it has very big presentation Slam and air around...

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