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    Advice for Microphone

    Hi Everyone, I hate to bother you all but I require some professional advice with selecting an certain type of microphone and sadly I haven't had much luck in the area of research. So any advice would greatly appreciated. I am currently seeking - A microphone capable of picking up the smallest...
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    When do you start feeling radio signals?

    Hi there! I have just recently been getting interested in the whole EMF spectrum of late but something suddenly made me curious. How strong does a radio frequency has to be in megahertz for you to feel it? Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    Feel the bass

    Hi All! I am currently seeking an really strong bass or subwoofer, that you can feel in your bones. Unfortunately I am unsure where to look first, can anyone please make some recommendations, by any chance? Any assistance be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
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    How is V2K - Voice to Skull done?

    Greetings, I have always been fascinated by sound or the generally usual application of it. You see, I occasionally search for peculiar experiments and recently discovered the phenomenon of V2K - Voice to skull. Definition of V2K - Voice to Skull: A silent sound device which can transmit...

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