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Music, electronics, health and fitness
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Speakers: Apogee “Full Range” originals refurbished by True Sound Works, Apogee Divas with modified DAX crossover, Quad ESL-63 with custom subwoofers, Fulton J Modular, various smaller speakers
Amplifiers: 2 heavily-modified Audio Research D-250 Mk II Servo amps (main), 2 modified HK Citation IIs. Currently developing a clean-sheet design for a novel hybrid monoblock in the 1500-watt class to drive the Apogee Full Ranges (four channels bi-amped), as well as a special amplifier to directly drive the 0.16 ohm MR ribbons (in phase 2)
Preamplifier: Audio Research PH7 phono, Audio Research LS5 MkII line stage, Audio Research SP-10 Mk II
Digital: Abbingdon AMR DP-777 DAC, J River Media Player
Turntables: Micro Seiki RX-5000 with CU-180 copper mat, MS RX-1500
Arms: Tri-Planar VII U II, SME 3012R, 3012 SII, MS MA-505, Fulton-Glueck
Carts: Dynavector XV-1S, Fulton Entre
Step-ups: ARC MCP-33, SAEC trans, Entre ET-200
RTR: Crown CX822 (Ziska), Crown 822 tube, Ampex 601 and PR-10 decks
Electronics executive, began as electrical enginee




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