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    The WBF humor and joke thread.

    Need to get myself checked
  2. bonzo75

    The ultimate Reiner/CSO Scheherazade in analog

    I bought the classic 45 after comparing it to AP 33 at Mike's 4 years ago. I had to wait to find a copy, the classic 45s is hard to come by. I found a mint unopened that stays packed. I use the AP 33 for auditions.
  3. bonzo75

    My end-game speakers

    Jazzhead has a room that's 11 feet wide and 25 feet deep. Sounds excellent with the Marten 2. You will need to pull up the speakers and seat pretty close instead of keeping a lot of length between the two
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    SET amp owners thread

    The system in my pic belongs to Gpoint audio.
  5. bonzo75

    The WBF humor and joke thread.

    New secretary of state Anthony Blinken will remind you of this scene from Mel Brooks' Men in Tights
  6. bonzo75

    Favorite pillow?

    Yeah I don't either. Great minds lie flat
  7. bonzo75

    Asthetix IO users group

    Just clean all your tube pins, cable connectors and plug them back. Once a every few weeks when you remember and have time. Maybe once every few months
  8. bonzo75

    DaVa FC-A1 a field coil contender

    Try this
  9. bonzo75

    To SUT or not to SUT?

    My suggestion is if you like it, great, but otherwise reserve judgement till you try the RK. It can change preference in the Allnic, as it is incredibly sensitive to a recti change.
  10. bonzo75

    To SUT or not to SUT?

    You Should try RK 5u4g from KR. it's 400 quid or so. The difference in Allnic sound work rolling rectifiers is significant. It's also a change in character from stock recti. I haven't tried Sylvania with Allnic but tried with Lampi and KR / RK are much better.
  11. bonzo75

    To SUT or not to SUT?

    Have you changed the rectifier, iaxel?
  12. bonzo75

    The Undoing: Official Trailer | HBO

    Yeah waiting for the final two episodes
  13. bonzo75

    Big Sky-David E Kelley New ABC Series

    Yellowstone just got released on UK prime so will finally get to see it
  14. bonzo75

    SAT Direct Drive Turntable!

    Maybe Fremer can clarify what he means by the term "black background" as readers might be interpreting it various ways. Microstrip somewhere mentioned to him it was the absence of artefacts, which is a positive definition, maybe Fremer can clarify what he means by the term

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