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    Center Stage2 "LS" Series Loudspeaker Feet

    Thanks Steve. I had a feeling it might not work.
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    Center Stage2 "LS" Series Loudspeaker Feet

    I am interested in the 1.0. Will it work on a stand mounted speaker. The speaker has a granite cabinet and has stillpoints screwed into the bottom of the speaker resting on top a matching granite speaker stand. Currently I have the stand with no footers sitting on carpet. If the 1.0 LS...
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    Pass Labs .8 Series!

    The .8 was released almost 7 years ago is there any rumors of a new series of Pass amps? That's a pretty long shelf life and Pass nerver sits idle. What do you Pass fans think?
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    Thoughts on an Inexpensive Turntable for A Second System

    Jeff that's a great setup. Especially the Thorens. lol
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    Which 300b amplifier: Nagra 300p, Luxman MQ-300, Wavac EC-300B, Air Tight ATM-300R, Shindo Cortese 300b

    I owned the Air Tight for a couple of years and loved it. The bass was very strong. I am now using 2a3 mono blocks and like the sonic presentation of the 2a3 tube much better than the 300b.
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    Thoughts on an Inexpensive Turntable for A Second System

    I have a really nice Vinyl Nirvana Thorens 125 mk2 in great shape that would look really nice in your 2nd system. It's not being used and is drilled for a SME arm. Let me know if you are interested.
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    QLN PRESTIGE 3 Speakers Reviewed!

    I am quite interested anyone heard these or own them.
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    QLN PRESTIGE 3 Speakers Reviewed!

    Not a bad price for this speaker.
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    If the Esoteric K03Xs CD/SACD Player has harsh leading and trailing edges...

    Hi John, I just found this thread and wanted to throw in my two cents. I have a very high end vinly system that gets about 80% of my play time but the Cdp that blows me away is the Rega Isis. It retails for $10k but is extremely analog sounding. No harsh digital here. Rega's totl stuff is...
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    New turntable need suggestions

    Spirit I will check it out. Thanks
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    New turntable need suggestions

    I think any one of the real costly tables regardless of the drive type would be a revelation in my room. However 20k or a stretch more is what I am working with. Btw Peter I have akways admired your SME.
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    New turntable need suggestions

    Spirit, Thanks for your reply. Yes idler is addictive but I am open to all options.

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