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    Post your Horn pics

    RTx measurements are only valid for large rooms like concert halls etc. But even there, at many locations, it's not.
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    Post your Horn pics

    Nice, but an RT60 measurement is invalid in such a small room as it doesn't have a diffuse soundfield. That's one of the biggest myths still alive in acoustics. Those who are experts in small room acoustics know this well.
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    Post your Horn pics

    Is that RPG Expo on the walls?
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    Best Acoustic Products for First Reflection Points

    The better treatment depends on areas like distance (time of flight) and that acoustic principle one is following. However, there are some areas which are important to consider when treating early arriving reflections which I've pointed out to some degree here...
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    Why do many Acousticians recommend absorption for non-bass freq: Valid OR prefer dead room & Dogma?

    Many areas that come into play here. Especially the size of the room and distance from ears to the surfaces. Diffusion lower in frequency requires distance. Which in many cases aren't met in several small rooms. Using primarily high frequency diffusion will only treat part of the specular...
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    What amp/ preamp combo has the most Gorgeous, Lifelike Tonality?

    Near field monitors? Nothing of what I mentioned implies near field monitors.
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    What amp/ preamp combo has the most Gorgeous, Lifelike Tonality?

    Isn't this in reality yesterdays hifi approach? Today we have both EQ and EQ plugins (like valve sound) that can alter the sound the way you want it. This can be implemented by pressing a button and remove it the same way. Why lock oneself to one tonality or distortion and also pay a lot of...
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    What amp/ preamp combo has the most Gorgeous, Lifelike Tonality?

    While there may be some euphoric distortion that generally sound pleasant; the sound from the speakers and the room (acoustics) contribute so much to the overall result that what one person experience has little relevance for others.
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    Bass traps. Advice wanted.

    EQ works well in the response which is minimum phase. However, even if the 69 Hz resonance should be minimum phase behavior using only EQ is a compromise compared to remove it with physical treatment. With acoustic treatment you don't loose any dynamics. The important thing is to first move out...
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    What are the biggest audio shows in USA?

    Hi guys. What are the biggest and considered the best audio shows in the States? I understand "best" can be subjective, but I'm mainly thinking in lines of quality of rooms (acoustics) and number of exhibitors.
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    Can I fix a room decay of 1500ms?

    The frequency response is a derivative of the time domain. So to say that the time domain doesn't matter is like saying the earth is flat. He couldn't be more mistaken. Every knowledgeably acoustician works primarily with the time domain in the room. The frequency response will follow. Your...
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    Can I fix a room decay of 1500ms?

    It can be minimum phase. Wow! No pun intended, but if that's general statement on the time domain in the room it's very wrong and you must have misunderstood something. That would imply that decades of psychoacoustic researchers were a waste.
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    Can I fix a room decay of 1500ms?

    If one only cares about frequency response, DSP or multiple subs will work well. However, the time domain is equally if not more important. And in order to achieve a great time domain in the bass, physical treatment is necessary. DSP/room correction will actually introduce phase wraps where...
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    Can I fix a room decay of 1500ms?

    Why not contact RPG in Kent, which are close to you. They have bass traps that are both effective at low frequencies and quite broadband. Sure, they aren't cheap as porous material but it's an investment for life. The room should be measured first to find the right...

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