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    Do you listen alone or with others?

    60 % alone and 40 % with my wife
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    What's Spinning Tonight?

    The Big bad blues - Billy Gibbons, great album
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    Timz Audio Reference

    Looking forward to the details. Looks great
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    I said I would never buy another Turntable...Argh !!!

    I have had Bergmann tonearm for 7 years now without any problem at all. The Sound is fantastic with several cartridges I have tryed. Airbearing is the right soulution for me. Happy new year to everybody.
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    Munich high-end show 2016: Who here is going?

    I am going, it's a must !
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    A remarkable Redbook CD afternoon at Goodwin's High End

    Thank you for a brilliant review. I totaly agree Red book still has a lot to offer.
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    Tina Turner Celebrates Her 76th Birthday

    Wow, great performance.
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    Magico Ultimate 3

    Great news. Its going to be a thrill to follow :-)
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    Horten HiFi Show 2015 (Norway)

    Really nice vid - looking forward to se more through your lense.
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    Krelles system with SMT room treatment!

    Looks great - enjoy
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    Is anyone interested in contemporary music?

    I just can't find the melody in that piece - that's simply to demanding for me!
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    Moment Of Truth

    Hi Calle Did you hear Big changes after installing the new racks? //Kim
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    Munich High End Show 2015

    Hi Caliaripaolo I totaly agree with you. Did you get to visit the Estelon room - also really good. Generally a lot off nice gear and also a lot of good sounding rooms for a show that is. //Kim
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    The very best DACs today...

    Accustic Arts Tube DAC sounds fantastic - maybe the Best I have heard. Regards Kim

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