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    Tripoint Troy Elite - Installed

    Fully understand your excitement. Although I have not heard the Troy NG in my audio system - using the Tripoint Emperor mk ii as well as as the Tripoint Elite NG - I have no doubts whatsoever that you will be floored and will experience musical satisfaction as never before. Have fun.
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    Tripoint Troy Elite - Installed

    Thanks, think is is quite helpful to fully understand your experiences with the Tripoint Elite NG.
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    Tripoint Troy Elite - Installed

    Hi Emconn, Maybe you want to share the (high quality of) various components of your music system with our members so that they can understand the audio context within which you are employing the Tripoint Elite NG?
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    LDMS Server

    Typically additional transparency - one of the benefits of this update - creates the illusion of a larger soundstage. However, initially this was not the case in my situation although I immediately experienced a better 3D presentation within this somewhat shrunken soundstage (only the soundstage...
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    LDMS Server

    I agree: the dynamics are clearly improved after the update. Inter Alia large classical pieces like the symphonies of eg Bruckner, Mahler, Shostakovich, etc clearly benefit from this improvement. But I consider the additional smoothness and purity even more important. Initially I lost some...
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    Challenge Classics

    As (nearly) all of Bert’s dxd recordings this file with lute music sounds very impressive indeed.
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    Challenge Classics
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    I'm a bit sick about this.....Marja and Henk

    Although fellow countrymen I never met nor spoke with this couple. That said, this is such a moving (love) story! In times of increasing polarization it is reassuring to know that real love still exists in our world . May they both Rest In Peace.
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    LDMS Server

    Lucas visited me last week to perform inter alia the upgrade to his server. He visited me on Tuesday afternoon as well as Wednesday morning. Indeed this (software) upgrade is very significant indeed! I experience inter Alia additional dynamics, transparency, serenity and smoothness. Furthermore...
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    La Assoluta

    Ah, if only my listening room would have been large enough. Anorher house / listening room first maybe?
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    La Assoluta
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    PCM vs. DSD on Select II

    Might it be - and just to be sure, Mike, - that you mean Challenge Classics (original recordings are in dxd) in stead of Channel Classics (original recordings are in dsd). I also prefer the dxd Challenge Classics recordings to their dsd version : the latter sound clearly more dynamic than the...
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    Goebel Divin Noblesse Speakers in Da House!

    You put things upside down, David: apparently / regretfully reading carefully seems not to be your strong suit. And just to be clear on that as well: I am not looking for anyones approval, least of all yours.
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    Goebel Divin Noblesse Speakers in Da House!

    It is not about someone not liking a certain audio product, be it very expensive or not. That is perfectly fine. Equally fine are discussions about various audio products in which members disagree with each other. But please do state your opinions in a respectful way. Bashing products or...
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    Goebel Divin Noblesse Speakers in Da House!

    Yep, fully understand that. Where are you currently heading in your audio journey?

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