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Source : AFO + Axiom + SME3012R x2 , Yamaha GT-2000x + Saec 407/GT , Fidelizer + Vitus MP-201 DAC ,Studer A80R with Bottlehead Tube Repro
Amplification : Vitus MPM , Vitus MPL , Vitus MPP
Cabling : Goebel Statement speaker cable , AES/EBU & BNC digital , Goebel PC , Tara Labs Cobalts , Skogrand Markarian 421 RCA & XLR, Jorma Prime
Accessories - Stillpoints Ultra SS! ultra 5, record clamp, Harmonix footers Shun mook footers etc
Catridges : Top Wing Red Sparrow, Miyajima Infinity , FR- 7fz, Technics EPC-205C M3, various vintage MM
Speakers : Focal Stella EM


Source . AFO + Axiom, SME 3012R, AF Garrard 301+ SME 3012R, Yamaha GT-2000X + Saec 407/GT, Fidelizer Nimitra + Vitus Masterpiece DAC MK III , Studer A80, Tube Repro
Amplification : Vitus Masterpiece Pre + Vitus Masterpiece Mono + Vitus Masterpiece Phono
Cabling . Goebel Statement SC ,Transparent Reference XL AES/EBU digital , Goebel PC , Tara Labs Cobalts , Skogrand Markarian 421 XLR, Jorma Prime XLR , Harmonix Nagomi PC
Catridges : Koetsu Blue Lace D , Miyajima Destiny , Miyajima Infinity, Ortofon SPU Century , Top Wing Red Sparrow
Speakers : Focal Stella EM + 2x JL Audio F113
Misc : JMF Conditioner, Telos GNR, Steinmusic



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