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    Audiophiles mostly aren’t music fans

    "Audiophiles are in love with sound. Music fans are in love with music. It’s not the same. Not even close. And I am a music fan. Hands down. And proud. for years I’ve had a pair of large advents, a marantz 2240b, a gold ring turntable, and adcom 555. And it’s been great. Maybe cost me...
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    mola mola Tambaqui

    Yes there is. I will try usb out also.
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    mola mola Tambaqui

    Interesting. Seems like the more resolving a system gets the more small things make a difference. I am, and will be using a LPS for the new server. Was hoping to avoid USB. Liked Lynx spidf better. Any experience with optical ethernet isolation?
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    mola mola Tambaqui

    Right now I'm using a fanless win 7 PC with Lynx card outputting spidf. Have a SonicTransporter I9 with roon server ordered so I can try out the ethernet input and Roon. May also try optical isolation in the near future. I am also using an external usb drive. Have you tried the ethernet input...
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    mola mola Tambaqui

    Just picked up a Tambaqui a week ago. It is crazy good! Was using a Schiit Yggy before this. Tambaqui is much quieter. Much clearer window into the sound. Have not directly compared to pricier dac's out there yet, but think it would fair quite well against anything.
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    Schröder LT and SOTA Cartridges

    The Lehmann sounded very similar with MM carts. The Allnic is a nice sounding unit but in the long run I did not care for the SUT's in the Allnic. YMMV.
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    Schröder LT and SOTA Cartridges

    The Master Sig is a version of the Colibri I believe. Have not heard that version of the Colibri yet. I had a old XGP Colibri that I traded in for the Crimson. I liked the Colibri but the records had to be perfect to enjoy it. The Crimson sounds great on everything. It's not quite as fast, but...
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    Schröder LT and SOTA Cartridges

    Hi Ron, I have no experience with Opus 1 or Goldfinger on the the Schroder LT, but can highly recommend the vDH Crimson Stradavarius. I've had the Crimson for 3 months now and love it. Best cartridge I've had in my system.
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    What is the best hammer drill?

    It really depends on what you need the hammer drill for. I tried using my Millwaukee hammer drill to drill holes in concrete to install concrete anchors. It kind of works, but is slow going. Also it only really works for small holes. I ended up buying a Bosch corded roto-hammer, like the one I...
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    Vienna Acoustics The Music

    Heard The Music sound very good at Soundings in Denver during RMAF years ago. Did not seem to be dynamically challenged to me. Heard them with Boulder, and Jeff Rowland electronics. Did not care for the sound when driven by the Boulder amps (2000 series I think), but sounded great with the...
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    ack's system - end of round 1

    Interesting results guys, It's been some time since I tried this on my amps. I'm in a different room now and have some different wires and equipment now. Maybe I will try it again. My amps don't get very hot so I'm not worried about the isodamp melting.
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    ack's system - end of round 1

    I've tried this same thing with Isodamp on my Innersound amps. The fins are much closer together than the picture above. The noise floor was definitely quieter, but it deadened the sound too much. Particularly the high frequencies. If I were designing an amplifier I would weld the end of the...
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    I said I would never buy another Turntable...Argh !!!

    Thanks. Interesting table. Is the belt stretchy or fairly firm like the AF1?
  14. audioarcher

    I said I would never buy another Turntable...Argh !!!

    Hi Christian. Is that with a stylus in a groove or without?
  15. audioarcher

    Hard Point Trinia footers---very impressed

    Thanks. They are not really in the budget right now. They do look well made and the technology is interesting though. Guessing they are probably around $1,000 for a set of 4?

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