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    Triangle Speakers from France. Emotional Experience (vs. Cerebral Accuracy). Any fans?

    There's an updated version of their top line being released soon (not on their site yet), the 40th Anniversary Magellan speakers. Here's a video with some details of the changes and a short audio clip:
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    Boulder 866 Driving Magnepan 20.7's

    Due to my personal experience with the combination. Thought I had recommended it to you on another forum but maybe was confusing you with another user.
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    Boulder 866 Driving Magnepan 20.7's

    Rowland 625 amp shown in signature, which I recommended as being an exceptional match with the 3.7i speakers. :cool:
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    CD Transport vs Music Server

    AES/EBU digital cable is specified at 110 ohm impedance, while coaxial digital cable is 75 ohm.
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    Axpona 2021 moved until April 22-24 2022

    Just for clarification, AXPONA will be open from Friday April 22 - Sunday April 24. Thursday is move-in and setup day for exhibitors.
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    Ideon Audio Absolute DAC - anyone heard it?

    Ideon is currently listed as being at AXPONA in the Aster room:
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    Sound Quality Issues - new to turntables

    That AT table has a switch selectable built in phono preamp, so if you're feeding the Rolls phono preamp check to ensure that the AT has its output set to PHONO. Alternately you can set it to LINE and connect its output directly into the CD or other line level input of the receiver. Hope that helps!
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    Luxman C-900u Preamplifier

    I use the matching Luxman M-900u power amp. A loudness function was much more common in receivers and preamps back in the 70's and 80's, and adds an EQ with some boost in the bass and highs at lower volume levels. As you increase the volume level the loudness function in some implementations...
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    Re-imagining "Class A" Amplification

    Hello Angus, Can you please clarify what the connection is between WestminsterLab and Lumin? Does the Lumin power amp share any of the Rei's design? Thanks in advance, - Bill
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    Recommended polish or wax for Avalon speakers?

    Just something to keep in mind... a satin lacquer finish (as described on the Avalons) is completely different than the high gloss finish on most Magicos and may be best preserved by different types of wax or polish.
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    OCD Hi-Fi Guy

    He used to be the US distributor and retailer for Denafrips, endlessly praising their build quality, performance and value in his videos. Then the relationship was ended and he started bad mouthing the company and their products as being inferior, completely the opposite of his previous claims...
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    OCD Hi-Fi Guy

    Actually it doesn't. MSB are the original company founder's initials, Mark S. Brasfield. He wasn't a typical engineer... he started out by doing mods to Magnavox/Philips CD players and claimed that he got his best ideas in the bathtub where he would speak directly to G-d for direction.
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    Rhapsody.Audio Listening Rooms

    I'm confused :confused:, thought the Formula xHD and La Scala MKII Optologic were two different DACs in the Aqua lineup.
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    To the cadavers: Kidney stones

    I've had the misfortune of having to pass kidney stones a few times over the years as a result of having gout and excess uric acid. The urologist had me collect the stones passed for analysis by having to go through a funnel with a fine screen. When I brought them in and gave them to the nurse...
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    Origin record clamp

    The Origin Live Gravity One is designed to be in contact with the record label area to effectively damp vibrations in the vinyl. It isn't a clamp nor is it very heavy like many other such devices and is not designed to flatten warped records. It claims to "make a significant contribution to...

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