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    What amplifiers work best with Rockports? What have you heard?

    HI Lloyd, if I ever decide to sell my Arrakis I will let you know. And they do sound amazing with the CH Precision electronics - both the CH M1.1 amps and now with the CH M10 amps.
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    TotalDAC D1-Switch Listening Impressions

    I have just recently had the chance to audition the new TotalDAC D1-Switch in my system. This is the first high end audio switch that I have tried and I must say, the magnitude of the sonic improvement that the D1-Switch provided to my digital front end was quite surprising to me. My digital...
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    CH Precision 10 series

    Thanks very much Lloyd.
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    CH Precision 10 series

    HI Gian, Thanks very much. It's hard to be sure which 10 series component makes the biggest difference at this point because my M10 monos have just started their break in process. Based on what I have heard so far, I do anticipate that the M10 monos will make an even larger improvement...
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    CH Precision 10 series

    I just installed my CH M10 mono blocks yesterday to pair with my CH L10 true mono preamp (4 box). Fourteen hours into the break in process. I am running them in active biamplification mode with my Rockport Arrakis speakers. If they sound this good this early I can't imagine what they will sound...
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    CH Precision L10 & M10 : My votes for the Best SS amps (for the past 5 yrs till 6-2021)

    Thanks so much LLoyd. I am lookng forward to hopefully hearing a pair of M10 mono's in my system later this year. If it's as good as I expect it to be, you will need to come visit me and have a listen for yourself!!
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    CH Precision L10 & M10 : My votes for the Best SS amps (for the past 5 yrs till 6-2021)

    Two other design differences between the L10 and L1 that I forgot to mention above. First, the chassis of the L10 and its power supply, while they look almost identical and are the same physical dimensions as the L1 and X1 are quite a bit stiffer and denser than the L1/X1 chassis. A lot less...
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    CH Precision L10 & M10 : My votes for the Best SS amps (for the past 5 yrs till 6-2021)

    Hi Lloyd, Thanks very much. I continue to be amazed at how the Arrakis just allow whatever is upstream of it to be heard - So far I have not been able to find the limit of these speakers can do.
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    CH Precision L10 & M10 : My votes for the Best SS amps (for the past 5 yrs till 6-2021)

    I now have the CH L10 true dual mono preamp (4 box version) that has replaced my CH L1 true dual mono preamp (4 boxes) paired with my CH M1.1 mono block amps running in active biamplification mode powering my biamplified Rockport Arrakis speakers. Just a few comments on what I have read on this...
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    Upgrading from P1 to Mono-P1 : experience & tips

    What your friend did is actually the correct way to upgrade from a single stereo P1 to a dual mono P1. If he had ordered a second P1 from his dealer let's say 2 years after having the first P1, CH would just send him a P1 without any input boards (at a reduced price) and he or his dealer would...
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    L10/M10 ready in june

    Pretty Amazing - That's just the separate outboard power supply! Looking forward to hearing it.
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    The first Totaldac D1-Twelve Mk2 DAC in Hong Kong

    Congratulations, that is the same TotalDAC configurations that I am using. It is absolutely superb. Arnie
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    CH Precision Amp

    Hi Moby2004, I use the CH M1.1 mono block amps in active bi amplification mode with my Rockport Arrakis speakers. The M1.1's replaced the wonderful VTL Siegfried Series 2 amps in my system and my system has never sounded better. I do use the CH Precision L1 preamp. I have heard the M1.1's with...
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    CH Precision Announces New 10 Series

    From looking at a few of the pictures of the L10 from the rear, the L10 external power supply appears to have 2 outputs and the L10 has two power inputs and doesn't appear to have an IEC inlet unlike the L1 which requires its own power cord in addition to the X1. So, assuming this is correct...
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    Hiring an external professional to tweak/optimize our audio systems?

    I have had the pleasure of having Stirling perform his services on my modest system this past October, 2018. I would say that everything that is being described in that audioexotics thread (which I have previously read) is spot on. Both as to the methodology that Stirling uses as well as the...

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