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DIY Music Server Pink Faun PSU based, Ubuntu Server OS with DHCP server, Minimserver and Upplay, MSB Diamond V Renderer and Quad USB, Trinity Preamp, Accuphase A-70, TAD Ref One speakers, Synergestic Research cables.


Torus Power AVR 16, one for digital world and another one for analog world, except for the Extreme which have his own circuit, terminated with a Vertexaq HiRez Aneto.
Three AC line circuits, Oyaide Tunami, from a AC independent phase from the rest of the house. Independent earth too.
Taiko Audio Extreme server, TAS. MSB Pro USB. MSB Reference Transport.
MSB Select DAC II (33 Femto clock, 2 mono PSUs). Accuphase A-250 monos, Audioquest Hurricane HC. TAD Ref One speakers, Van den Hul 3T The Cumulus speaker cables.



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