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    Anyone Understand Design Approach of Stenheim? What are they doing differently from Magico, YG, Wilson, etc., to have High Sensitivity?

    Hello Sorry to rush in this conversation, but not all manufacturers specify power response at 1W.On our amplifiers, we specify FR on 95% of max power. For example, when we say that the new Forte is -3db at 10Hz, this is on 55W output, not on mW levels,which would be lower of course. I do...
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    It is coming...

    Thanks for the comments.Greetings from CY
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    It is coming...

    They are crossed at 105Hz. Many crossover parameters are adjusted on the fly via Bluetooth app.we developed both the app and the electronics controlling and switching the parameters of the crossover.(group delay, variable slopes, level adjustment to name some parameters) .Not a digital or...
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    It is coming...

    Throat is that small hole on top (of the fourth section of the midbass horn).18mm Finish is our proprietary Liquid Carbon ,applied on stacked ply
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    It is coming...

    Hello Bill A quite special compression driver,can take acoustic load down to 60-80Hz Cheers
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    It is coming...

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    Aries Cerat...A Photographic Exhibition

    Hello Bill That is in Belgium , up the coast, i forget the region.. Cheers, Stavros
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    AC Preamps: Impera II & Impera Signature

    Hello Yes we do have a number of clients that use the Impera with SS amps (most SS are high gain). Sonically it is great match, but sometimes we needed less gain from the preamp.Thus the development of the lower gain units. 20k is a healthy load, our amps are usually lower than that:) Best...
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    AC Preamps: Impera II & Impera Signature

    Hello The Ref has OI of ~200ohm. If you want to mate the Impera Ref to high gain amps like the such of Gryphon for ex, we have developed different output transformers, which not only lower the gain to be more fitted to HG amps, but as a result the output impedance is also lowered significantly...
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    Aries distributor in France

    Hello Laurent I have replied your email from our info@ account few days ago,but i would not be surprised if the email bounced, which is often lately.Apologies,we need to change servers it seems. Will resend you an email tomorrow from different account. Yes is our French distribution for...
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    Cello Videos

    Headphones on :)
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    Review of Helene and Incito S , from Hi Fi Advice

    Our Helene and Incito S just got a fantastic review from Hi Fi Advice. ""Not only did the tube combo match the twice as expensive CH DAC in nearly every aspect, it even improved on it in two very important areas."" " It simply does it all while introducing virtually no character of its own. It...
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    Aries Cerat Signature System ‘La Lune’

    Hello, were you directing the question to TheMoon or regarding the video? In the video, amps used are the Essentia amplifiers, this video was during final tuning of the first production batch. Cheers Stavros
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    Aries Cerat Signature System ‘La Lune’

    Hello TheMoon I just wanted to welcome you from WBF as well, to our AC family :) Cheers Stavros

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