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    Axpona 22’ pictures

    I also enjoyed this room and speakers. Here is a picture I captured showing the mirror effect
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    Does anyone know this piece?

    The shazam app is great to identify music
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    My system

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    Lampizator announcement: launch of our all new TOTL HORIZON DAC

    As someone wanting to dip their toes into the Lampi waters for some time I have been following this thread with interest. First off what a fantastic host you are Steve for organizing this event and for opening your home. My hats off to you. Second, assuming a lot of the orders for the Horizon...
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    The value of the U.S. dollar is backed by gold :)
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    The point being made is that new investors are being lured in under the pretense that speculation is driving prices when market manipulation is doing the heavy lifting, and issuers like Tether, with unbacked stablecoins, are cooking the books.
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    From My Piano Room

    Really wonderful, thanks for sharing! I liked and subscribed
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    Audio Music DAC

    Mike's point is still valid. Audio Music is a terrible name for a company wishing to be found on the internet
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    Max Townshend RIP

    RIP Max. I had the surprise pleasure of speaking with him recently after purchasing an Allegri Reference. My condolences to his family.
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    Magico M3 Install

    Congratulations on the new speakers!
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    Lampizator Gulfstream?

    I'm also looking for more information and a picture of the internals.
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    advice on room treatment

    Diptyque Audio
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    What SONG are you listening to right now?

    People - Oscar Peterson Trio
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    My system

    I think the edit reply option may disappear after a day or so. Maybe too late. Honestly it's fine though, we'll share! :)

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