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    Göbel Divin Marquis

    Bang! Sorry... Just joking...:oops:
  2. analyzer

    Dartzeel NHB-18NS & NHB 108 Model 2 review

    Add also me to the list...
  3. analyzer

    My visit to CH Precision

  4. analyzer

    Big Meeting

    Gian don't forget to let me know!
  5. analyzer

    Rocking the Boat : Nord Hypex NC1200 Signature Amplifier

    Rick... you suggested a lot of improvements to Apollon and all other manufacturers. I wonder if these upgrades can be actually implemented in a stock amplifier, following the rules of safety and applied to the production of all units. Very interesting thread... Marco
  6. analyzer

    New convert to CH Precision - advice needed

    I'm very surprised about that. I have also seen the video of Mikey Fremer at CH's and I've not noted at all the ghost of Herve' in the background... It's a pleasure to know that competition means also respect between two highly reputated brand.
  7. analyzer

    Rocking the Boat : Nord Hypex NC1200 Signature Amplifier

    Thank you Rick for the detailed answer!!
  8. analyzer

    Rocking the Boat : Nord Hypex NC1200 Signature Amplifier

    Rick.. and for European users where 230v is the standard? Which is your suggestion?
  9. analyzer

    Finite Elemente

    Thank you. I do have a basic "spider" rack model in my system. It's not in the league of "pagode master reference" nevertheless it works nicely.
  10. analyzer

    Finite Elemente

    So... back in business? Rumours of a few years ago told that the brand have closed the doors.
  11. analyzer

    Matching Pre-amps and Amps: Same Brand or Not?

    Ehm... "JRDG"? Which brand Is?:rolleyes:
  12. analyzer

    Matching Pre-amps and Amps: Same Brand or Not?

    At the end if you search the perfect match (impedance and sensitivity) you're forced to follow the same brand. Any other route will have many traps and interrogatives but can give much more fun and knowledge... And sometimes results are fully satisfying!
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    Shootout of Nos 6sn7 tubes

    Last year I tried a pair of RCA VT-99 (military version of 6F8G). I bought a matched pair and two adaptors that I still have. My sensations are very very good, midrange and voices refined, good bass, powerful and slightly rounded. Overall a pleasant tube, you can listen for hours, never...

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