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    No good spend money in hifi

    Absolutely yes... My cat leaves the listening room any time that I turn the system "on". What an humiliation for me...
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    Munich 2020

    I'll be back! (Quote: "Terminator1"). Sorry... Just joking...:oops: I usually make a visit every three years, Just to see new trends. This year I'll be there and I'm determined to meet (at last!) WBF members from other countries! Hope that It will be a meeting on Friday or Saturday somewhere in...
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    Coincident Statement Linestage

    I just can tell you that Coincident Statement is just a little bit "light" in the lower octaves, where other linestages are more full bodied. Better if you have the Psvane WE replica that are more sweeter and better in midrange area where the sound is more defined and luxurious; also bass region...
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    Chronosonic XVX.

    A mono Power amp weighting 600 lbs? It's Crazy! Unless Goldmund would set a world record...:eek:
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    Evolution Acoustics MMThree Wins 2016 Stereo Sound "Best Sound In Show"

    Just for knowledge; do you purchased the "exact" modules in a second step after already having the speakers? If yes it's possible to know price of upgrade? (Also in pm if you want). Where are the major significant improvements? I'm Just curious since I have a pair of MM3'S, early production...
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    Seen Yesterday at last. Truly excellent in images and interpretation of all characters. A different approach and analysys of social classes in respect to European view. A dramatic crescendo towards an unexpected final. A friend of mine, great cinema lover, sentenced "a disturbing movie...
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    Our family just lost our 30+ year old kitty...

    I'm so sorry... and obviously highly impressed to hear such a great Age...really? As One forumer said: "what diet"? Until today I Heard some Cats that reached about 21-22 years maximum... In any case when a Kitty pass away in a home Is a great sad loss... My best Marco
  8. analyzer

    RIP: Roger Alan Modjeski

    Sad news. I Remember also a preamp design he made for Beveridge. R.I.P.
  9. analyzer

    JAMES BOND 007: No Time To Die Trailer (2020)

    I found that Daniel Craig fits the 007 role perfectly following the standard look of XXIth century. Connery had a tad bit of more in everything but I'm probably suggested by the fact that when he was in the leading role the world was different and I was very young. Neverthless I'm excited to see...
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    Ken Ishiwata of Marantz passes away at 72

    Saw him often at Munich show. A very sad news. R.I.P.
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    Visit to Goebel company

    Ciao Gian. This Is a great idea! You'll have fun and full satisfaction with the best of your vinyl collection. About weight what's exactly the problem? You pay two or three piano movers and they'll take the speakers at your upper floor. When I bought my MM3's they worked very hard to take each...
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    darTZeel NHB-468 mono blocks in my system

    Mike... I'm Happy to hear your satisfaction. You have certainly noted that the community of WBF has looked with attention and enthusiasm all the process of your decision. We all are very interested to understand which kind the improvements you've reached since 458's were already among the holy...
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    Some help on 6SN7 please

    I tried also these 7n7 purchased by jacmusic. fast, extended, Just a Little bit Brilliant in upper mid-highs following the Sylvania's production of '60's and '70's. Maybe they needed a more period of running, I used only for a few hours. In the range of 100 USD for a pair with adaptors are a...

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