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    Michael Fremer's home power-system story

    You seems that you like PS power regenerator a lot. But a lot of people can’t get away from P20 fast enough. One WBF member who is crazy about power supply have bought PS20 twice. And he sold them soon after. So PS20 is not penicillin to every electrical power problems.
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    Michael Fremer's home power-system story

    The problem is not what Fremer’s system needs a lot of juices or not. His electricity was full of distortions and electrical connections are all corroded. Even 1W horn system benefits from clean AC.
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    Michael Fremer's home power-system story

    It is like comparing performance cars using wrong tire pressure and making conclusions about the cars. Some cars are more sensitive to tire pressure than the others.
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    Michael Fremer's home power-system story

    I also have the same questions. How valid are his reviews if all start from bad electricity?
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    No Time To Die

    It is Daniel Craig’s fifth film in the role. Casino Royale, Quantum Solace, Skyfall, Spectre and No time to die.
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    Alexx V arrive in NJ

    Strange. I have latch on all female XLR sockets in all my CH components.
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    Alexx V arrive in NJ

    Congrats! Do you stack the amps? They suggest not to stack the amps for best sound quality. Also what mode are you using? Monaural?
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    Jonathan Valin’s TAS Review of MBL X-Tremes

    what amps do you use on your MBL?
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    Unbalanced vs balanced interconnects

    If preamp and power amp are far away from each other, using single end between pre and power bounds to have ground loop problems. Well, you can remove the ground pin of power cord of power amp. In this case, the ground protection of power amp is provided by interconnect. The interconnect is not...
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    Incredible L1

    I am interested in your comparisons between M1.1 and Mephisto.
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    Incredible L1

    Mephisto gain is 31dB. M1.1 gain is 24dB although you can add up to 6dB to M1.1.
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    Low ceiling (8') treatment

    Not really room treatment advice. But a tall line source speaker will mostly reduce low ceiling acoustic problems.
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    Visit to Audiophile Bill to hear his horns project

    Can I ask what amp do you use to drive the woofer?
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    Visit to Audiophile Bill to hear his horns project

    BD3 is 16 ohm. Big change from BD3 to BD4 in impedance.

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