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    Vinyl Bars/Audiophile Bars/Japanese Jazz Cafe's
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    SUT for Ypsilon VPS-100

    A few of us use Dave Slage's Intact or EMIA Step ups. If you are in the US he offers free demos. I would recommend the silver version if it is in your budget.
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    Metal Mats

    Very nice, I do not have any experience with Gunmetal but have heard good things. That Melco is a beast!
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    Metal Mats

    That is a legitimate variable and one I can't compensate. If I had the resources and time, I would perform a like for like comparison between three identical mats made of Copper, Ti and Stainless.
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    Metal Mats

    My Titanium Mat came in the other day and spent the last couple of days listening and tweaking the cartridge setup for the differences. I had to change VTA due to the thickness and azimuth. The azimuth adjustment was quite substantial going from -.4 degrees to +1 on my feickert spirit level...
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    System upgrade

    Maril, if you don't mind, where are you located?
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    New Garrard Build

    I keep coming back to this thread thinking about a new DIY Plinth for a Winter Project. I was thinking Aluminum- Richlite (Resin Impregnated Paper, kind of like Panzerholz but not quite), Brazilian Cherry, Richlite, Aluminum sandwich. Total would be about 5” thick. Bronze Armbases that extend...
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    tima's DIY RCM

    I use the P60H, mainly because my Wife does the food shopping and she can pick up a single 1 or 2.5 Gallon Jug of distilled water on a trip. I only clean 2 records at a time, works well for me. I haven't compared the 120H vs. the P60H.
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    An Audio destination map?

    As we get back to traveling, a thought came, is there such thing as an audio destination map? Something that has all the dealers, manufacturers, and power users (Who are willing to audition) pinned? It would be nice to pull up a google map and look through the nearby destinations for a given...
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    Metal Mats

    I ordered one last week, in the same dimensions. I chose Titanium Grade 2. I have been curious about titanium after reading all the AF1P user experiences. I also asked to keep as much thickness as possible out of the 0.25" plate that will be used, it will probably be closer to 6mm at the...
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    New Garrard Build

    I tried a bunch of headshells for my FR-64S + Koetsu a few years back. Titanium, wood, Ikeda, Graphite and a few others that I have forgotten. I have never tried the SME, since I don't have an SME arm. The Arche is my favorite, by a long shot, for sound quality. I ordered mine with the 4mm...
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    SET amp owners thread

    Yes, no issues with the Elrog 5U4G in my Air Tight 300R. Between the 300B-Mo, Elrog Recti and NOS tubes I am really enjoying the 300R. Thomas's customer service is top notch.
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    Violin videos: solo or with small ensemble

    Sorry for the surface noise, this is a dollar bin level copy. Might have to seek out a better version, or grade.
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    Metal Mats

    What are the subjective sound differences between stainless steel and copper? My platter top is copper, never had the option to compare against stainless. I may try one of these mats with a slope.
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    Pre-Amp reccommendation for Air Tight ATM-300R power amp

    It is nice to be able to listen to them side by side in our own system. Goes to show you that two people can listen to the same components in their systems and form different opinions. I wish it were easier to demo more equipment before we buy.

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