Audiophile since 1970.

Audio, Photography
Nashville, TN
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Magnepan 20.7 Speakers, Sanders Magtech Amp, Sony HapZ1es Digital Player (modified by Vinnie Rossi of RedWine Audio), Shunyata Research Deltal NR PC, Dedicated 15 & 20 Amp AC Lines to Furutech GTX-NCF AC Outlets, Frames, Covers, Artisan Silver "Ultimate Silver Dreams" IC Cables, ClearDay "Double Shotgun" Silver Speaker Cables, Dedicated Listening Room with proper acoustic treatment (Absorption Panels. Diffusion Panels, Bass Traps), Core Audio Rack, Misc Tweaks.
Retired Recording Engineer


Magnepan 20.7's, Sanders Magtech, Pass Labs 30.5, Sony HapZ (Modified by Vinnie Rossi of RedWine Audio)



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