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I've been spending my own money on music since 1961, and on hifi since 1969. All the vintage gear you hear about, odds are I've heard it.

Amateur Astronomy, Guitar, Music, Politics, History, Software, Automotive, Horology, Visual Arts, more.
May 30, 1954 (Age: 69)
Los Angeles, CA
The Place To List Your Gear
Zu Audio Definition 4 speakers
Pwr amps: LS50 SEP, V69 Clone, 2a3 p-p
Hovland Balanced Power Isolation Transformers on each monoblock
Luxman AT-3000 Transformer Volume Control
MHDT Atlantis DAC
M2tech Joplin Mk2 Phono Preamp Analog-Digital-Converter
M2tech Young Mk3 DAC (for decoding Joplin 2 output)
M2tech Van der Graaf linear power supply for Joplin and Young
Nagra BPS Moving Coil Phono Preamp
Luxman PD-444 turntable (2-tonearms deck)
Ortofon TA-110 tonearm with Allnic Puritas phono cartridge
Stax UA70 tonearm with Ortofon SPU-A phono cartridge
Sony UBP-X1000ES disc player
AppleTV connected to the MHDT DAC is currently the Roon Endpoint for 16 bit digital (temporary)

Zu Druid 6, Klangfilm KLV204, Williamson, Melody Pure Black 101 pre, Luxman TT as above, M2tech phono ADA stack as above, Audion Silver Night phone, Victor 7082 & 7045 tonearms, Ortofon Meister Silver SPU & Zu103 phono cartridges, MHDT Pagoda DAC, Sony UBP-X1000ES disc, AppleTV Roon endpoint (16bit)
The Place To List Your Reference Tracks
We don't need no stinkin' reference tracks!





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