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    Magico S5's in the house...

    Thanks for the formal welcome but I've been lurking for days:) Glad to hear the cables are not at all an issue with the audition process. Off topic, surprised they (MA-X) had such small impact. Certainly doesn't match my experiences. In general, I gotta think both of those magnificent speakers...
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    Magico S5's in the house...

    I've been following this thread for a few reasons. First, Madfloyd is a friend so it's cool to see him do his audiophile thing and I also respect his ear, kind of borrowing from experiences with gear. I'm also pretty intrigued with Magico speakers and hope to have the opportunity at some point...
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    More details on Spectral's cable dependencies (from the DMA-300RS bulletin)

    Ack I'd be pretty surprised if they did not. It's in the MA-X2, according to the site and manual. The Matrix are a sort of value version of the MA, from what I understand.
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    More details on Spectral's cable dependencies (from the DMA-300RS bulletin)

    So I think what it is, they just refer to what I always called the dot series as the 2C3D series......but....the MA/Matrix cables actually do include 2C3D technology, just packaged with others (SIT, JFA etc...whatever the hell that is).
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    More details on Spectral's cable dependencies (from the DMA-300RS bulletin)

    I didn't see this thread and just posted a comment in you other one about cables. Glad you are looking at it, there are some differences in character between your ic's and speaker cables. matching those may serve you well. If you look on MIT's site they talk about the differences between the dot...
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    Wait pays off - Hit the Spectral jackpot

    Congrats on the new gear, enjoy! Something you may want to consider if you do stay with your initial plan to keep the Spectral gear, you speaker cables and ic's are not the best match. The dot or V MIT cables are a bit different than the Matrix/MA. There's some info on the MIT site that talks a...
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    ack's system - end of round 1

    Stunning. Thanks for the pics and enjoy, my friend. Love the comments from your wife, too! Don't ever lose sight....we are the crazy ones and it isn't close:)
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    How low of ohm can you safely go on Spectral DMA200 answer your initial question...I certainly don't think so. Looks to me like their formula is working both in design and business. Pretty damn consistent for a long time too. puroagave ... not sure I really got what you're saying there. MIT limit's the amps abilities but keeps them...
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    How low of ohm can you safely go on Spectral DMA200

    I paid a significant amount of money to have a DMA 180 rebuilt, the damage obviously caused from not using MIT cables. Only saving grace was it was someone else's doing so I did not have to feel the pain of this as my own doing:) My point? There is a reason Spectral makes this a part of their...
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    What is new in my music library? (recent purchases I enjoy)

    Francis Harris - Minutes Of Sleep Francis Harris - Leland
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    A case for cable matching

    At present SHD120 speaker cables, MA-X2 ic, MA-X aes but I've had many over the years. and....congrats on the new amps, Ack! I've not been around much but did see your exciting news. I officially hate you:) Maybe someday!
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    A case for cable matching

    Interesting thread, thanks to all for contributing your thoughts, observations and experiences. Some random thoughts: I believe pretty strongly in Acks basic premise, especially when it comes to MIT. To go a step further, I think it very important to try and match even within the MIT line...
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    Supporting musicians when buying non-audiophile High Rez digital music

    I also frequent Bandcamp, pretty amazing spot. There is a ton of free or name your price music as well, many from established artists. As for shops, Beatport has a big inventory for sure but my preferred are and
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    Preferred aes/ebu 110 ohm digital cable you have tried

    I've had many...almost an embarrassing amount. I did this mainly because my server is my primary source and after hearing how significant the impact was/is of digital cables I wanted to find the best fit possible for my system goals. Short list of cables I have owned... Nordost Valhalla, Kubla...
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    Hey look... Audiogon raised their prices again!

    If I'm being completely honest, my response to this change comes with some bias, bias based in resentment. The core of this comes from how the revamped site/process changed the way I experience my hobby. This change was not subtle. Although the name remains the same, the site is far from what I...

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