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Welcome to the Fleetwood Sound Owners Forum, an exclusive forum for owners of these amazing speakers.
I created Fleetwood to share what we’ve been doing for years at OMA with a larger audience. We started this forum to bring people together who share common interests - better sound, beautiful design and true craftsmanship. All Fleetwood owners are clearly indicated by the Fleetwood logo avatar under their name, so you know if someone actually owns our speakers. We want to encourage people to not just talk about their system, amps, source components, etc., but to share why they are engaged in audio, what brought them to Fleetwood, what their goals are, and other issues which get left out in the usual forum atmosphere. Don’t feel you have to be knowledgeable or experienced, just be thoughtful, honest and open minded. When I created the two brands I wanted to bring audio to a larger audience and have a much more important role in people’s lives. I’m hoping this Forum allows people to participate, making music and sound more significant for everyone, not just audiophiles. Happy Posting.

Jonathan Weiss
CEO/Founder Fleetwood Sound Co. and Oswalds Mill Audio (OMA).




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