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Aesthetix Io Users Group
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If a forum already exists specifically for Aesthetix IO owners, please point me in the direction and I will delete this thread.
What prompted me to initiate this thread was someone posted about getting an Alnic and then I started looking for IO posts. IO postings are all over the map and in different areas, but nothing specific. So, Here we go.

All IO owners users, please join in.

I have a...
What are some of the top 845 Amplifiers you have heard?
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What speakers were used? And which 845 tubes?

Thanks in advance
Your DAC replacement thoughts please
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I have been using an AMR DP-777SE DAC which is now having intermittent reliability issues. I'm considering replacing/upgrading to either a
1) Chord Dave
2) PS Audio Direct Stream or
3) APL DSD ($$)

I need to buy used, and I'm comfortable with that. My hopes are for reliability, deeper soundstaging, timbre distinctions (ie violin & viola) and, most importantly, emotional engagement. I'm now...
upgrading speakers in very large room
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Hi, all, my first post on your excellent forum, on which I've been lurking for the last few months. The below is humbly submitted, with apologies for a long-ish, perhaps tedious "what's better?" post. I'm inching my way into to the high-end, and am betting a lot of folks on here have been where I am now. Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

I recently moved into a loft apartment...
Center Stage2 "LS" Series Loudspeaker Feet
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Hello, Joe Lavrencik here, Critical Mass Systems. I wanted to thank Mike and Steve for allowing me to post on Audio Sharks and What’s Best Forum about a new product I developed. (Please excuse the photo inserts. Didn't know how to make them smaller)

Those of you who have read about or tried Center Stage2 will have a leg up on new readers because you’ll likely see many references to Center...
SOtM sNH-10G Switch : Mods & Tweaks!
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IMHO an audiophile switch is a mandatory components for all CAS audiophiles.
My favourite audiophile switches in the current market are SOtM sNH-10G, Melco S-100 and Telegartner M12 Gold.
I shared my views on them on various WBF threads before.
They possess diff sonic characters and if used in a dual-switch config, the mix&match of their sonics can make all CAS audiophiles happy.

Amongst the...

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