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Kaiser Kawero Classic
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Do you guys have any experience with the Kaiser Kawero Classic, i'd like to have feedbacks.
How great of a speaker is it ?
Anyone hear the Magnepan 30.7?
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Anyone actually hear this speaker?
Cybershaft Ultimate OCXO 10M Clocks Shootout
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Cybershaft in Japan recently launches new 10M ocxo clock series : Ultimate clocks & Limited2 clocks. They are extremely hot items in Hong Kong now!

Many of my audiophile friends got them already and commented that these new models gave much better performance than the old models.
However, the prices are much higher...
Just got my brand new Luxman L507ux Mark II
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Hi all,

I just got my brand new Luxman L507ux Mark II and it sounds great! (Although they told me I have to wait about 400 hours to burn in (!!)

The only little problem I have is, the right VU illumination is not as bright as left. (Take a look at the wnd pic)

Should I wait for some time or should I ask for unit’s replacement?

Regards, Manos.
$10,000 loudspeakers
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Lets look at all the available loudspeakers NEW and USED, at and below $10k and figure out what are keepers at the price and what could be bettered for less money? Totally selfish thread since i'm looking for a $10k speaker investment and want to narrow down the list of contenders. New focal Kanta, Dyna C60, revel F228 be. Used Salon 2, sopra 2, 207/2, Sasha 3, etc. Obviously speakers respond...
Sme 3012 R
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I know this old arm is good but I don’t know why David,Rockitman,Tang,Ron,Mike
Use or will use having top tonearm like Sat,EliteAxiom,Black Beauty,Durand

Why 3012 is so special?
I never had and I don’t understand
Only to know for my curiosity

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