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Classic and Rare Loesch & Wiesner Phono / Linestage Preamplifier Sold

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Used Excellent Condition 8-9 / 10
Full Phono & Linestage Preamplifier
This is the classic Loesch & Wiesner phono stage and line stage. Hand-built, point-to-point wired, by Radio & Electronics genius John Wiesner, in a custom, powder-coated chassis. Powered with two (mono) General Radio 1201-B tube regulated power supply units. This bespoke preamp uses two 5842/417A (Western Electric) tubes, two 6GK5 (Mullard) tubes and two 5687 (Raytheon) tubes! Has noise-free battery bias along with resistive phono loading. Military grade power connectors provide solid power inputs! The unit is flawless and very high quality parts were used throughout its construction.

Being a tweaker’s dream, the last stage tubes (5687) can be substituted with 6DJ8, E88C, 6900, or similar variants! This will enable the listener to “fine tune” the sound to his or her personal taste. This can compensate for anomalies in the listening room or for differences in music or source. Choose a more aggressive sounding tube for rock, a more refined sounding tube for classical.

Extremely rare on the used market, this is John Wiesner’s personal preamp. Since he does not listen to vinyl any longer, he has decided to sell this renowned preamplifier.

Asking $2500 or best offer, which includes shipping (2 separate boxes - power supplies & control unit) within the USA only. Please PM with questions. Will be shipped from John Wiesner's Electronic Shop in Clifton Park, NY.
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