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ABOUT US. Small Green Computer is dedicated to utilizing the latest technology to bring your entire music collection to life. We are based in New Hampshire, United States. Our flagship products include the award-winning sonicTransporter music servers, Sonore Rendu Series music players, Audiophile Linear Power Supplies, and much more. We are rapidly adding new products to meet the needs of our customers. We have been building and selling music servers for 10 years. Andrew Gillis is the CEO and Owner. The Small Green Computer team is located all over the world. From developers and product testing to sales.

What Customers Are Saying...

"The STi5 arrived first. I loaded my digital music library (about 500 GB) onto it without difficulty. Then I compared the STi5 to my 2017 MacBook Pro as a file server, using the Chord Mojo DAC for both. I can't remember exactly how I hooked up the STi5 for this comparison; but it was one of those situations where the improvement was so immediately obvious that I didn't spend much time on it, and haven't looked back. My remaining impression is one of a more stable, solid and clean sound using the STi5."

"I just found out today that Small green computer is now using the latest I7-8700 6 core processors in their latest Fanless server: It's setup out of the box to run Roon/HQplayer very well. It has more than enough grunt for the best HQplayer filters. The passmark is over 15000!”

“And that cost includes the Hqplayer license. Which is a $149 value. So I think I'm just going to send folks his way for servers for the Purestream."

Mike - Mivera Audio - "The microRendu sounds great. I was using a Raspberry Pi that went from Ethernet, to I2S. This sounds much better even though it's USB. I have a PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell Dac, so I though I2S would sound better. USB with the microRendu is amazing!" Thanks! James - Boston, MA

"Your UPnP bridge is working great. It allows me to integrate Roon with my ‘non Roon ready’ Naim unit. Thanks a million." Stuart - Ferndown, United Kingdom

Small Green Computer

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