Since our last Newsletter we have been busy working in the background on new forum software. As you may know vBulletin was the most-used forum software around 2000. vBulletin has since been bought by another company, and the engineers who wrote the software up to V4 have since left vBulletin and set up Xenforo.
We recently looked at updating the forum (currently on vBulletin V4 written in 2009) to vBulletin V5 to continue to be compliant with modern browsers and Google’s obsession with mobile access. However looking into this in detail we realized V5 is problematic and not a step forward from V4.

Thus we can announce we have decided to start our move to the latest version of Xenforo, and are currently working hard to get the forum upgraded and moved over to the new platform. As you can imagine this is an epic task, with 13 gigabytes of data to import, consisting of thousands of posts, text and images. We also needed to load various add-ons and customizations before we could “WBF-ize” the format to our unique requirements.

We will send a mass email to all members in about two weeks to notify our members of the actual launch date. The current vBulletin website will be fully operational until that date. Our Xenforo test site is hidden from view for testing purposes only.

Once our Xenforo test site is fully tested we will then need to rebuild it from scratch, and re-import all of the post data current at that time. This is to avoid a lengthy period where we could potentially lose data during the website testing phase (four weeks total), as members are continually adding posts during that period to the live site. It is not possible to empty the post data from the test site, and then re-import the current post data.

At the launch date there will be an estimated three day build /import period over which new post data added to the live website will not be transferred over and thus will be lost forever. We apologize in advance for this. We are hoping you understand and can be patient with us during this three day “amnesia” period. We thank you all for your support of What’s Best Forum!