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New Classifieds Service

Our Buy and Sell area has been operating from the start of What's Best Forum. It has always been a free service. But it is just a huge thread that contains everything for sale in one location.

After we upgraded the forum last year, we wanted to revisit this part of the forum, and to make it more effective, more functional and less cluttered.

So we are hereby announcing that we have set up a new Classifieds section where you can sell your audio items and other types of products. This facility is open to WBF members, and also to WBF members of the trade (new products).

The new classifieds service has more facilities than were previously available, such as image gallery, text styling, condition selection and a specifications area.

It also have product specific sections, such as DACs, Pre-amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Turntables, Phono Stages, Speakers and Cables. And we will add extra sections for cameras and lenses and other non-audio types of items. This will make it easier for prospective buyers to find your advertisement.

We are offering this new service at a cost of US$25 per advertisement, and this is paid once you have created your advertisement via Paypal. Your advertisement can run for sixty (60) days. If you have not sold your item by the end of sixty (60) days, you may place your advert again for another 60 days for US$25. The want to buy section is free.

This new service will replace the old Buy and Sell forum thread on March 1, 2019. We will keep the old Buy and Sell thread visible till March 31st, after which it will be taken down.

We will open a new thread on WBF to answer any questions you may have about the new WBF Classifieds service.


To create your new classified advert please follow these instructions.

1. Go to the classifieds section by clicking the "Classifieds" navigation button under the main header. Then click the "Add Listing" button.
2. In the pop up box, select your products category.


3. Add your title text and detail text in the text box. We recommend 15pt for the body text, and 22pt for the title.
4. Insert your location city, any title tags you want, the price in USD.
5. Add the specifications. You can copy and paste these off the manufacturer's website if they are applicable.
6. Select "Want to Sell" (in the want to buy section, you would select "Want to Buy").
Select the condition of your item, and select the payment package (Paypal). You can add an off-site email address in the contact options box.


7. Next place your text insertion tool at the top of your advert text area. Then click the "Attach Files" button. Now locate the main image for your advert. Then click "full image". The main image will now appear at the top of your advert.
Note: it is best to keep your images under 3 megabyes and 2000px wide to avoid any upload problems.


8. Now we will add any extra images. Place your insertion tool at the end of your detail text, and click the "Attach Files" button. You can select multiple images here. Once they are uploaded, click the "Thumbnail" button to add the images as thumbnails and a gallery feature at the end of your advert. Click Save, and view your new advert. You can go back in at any time and edit the advert if you are logged in.

Below is what the advertisement would look like. In-site it will be bigger depending on your screen size, and the thumbnails will go into an image gallery feature.