What are contenders for best Door to keep things QUIET In and Out of the Listening Room?


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May 31, 2010
What are the best doors available in the marketplace to keep the listening room - and the rest of the house - quiet? And how should the door be installed for this purpose? Thanks!

Steve Williams

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I have a heavy solid core door under which my acoustician placed an OEM product which drops out of the bottom of the door when the inside of the door touches the adjacent door frame. Makes the room almost totally soundproof


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Jun 23, 2015
Caeser - these are some of the best seals - go for the highest rating for jamb, head and threshold - it is best to do a threshold to get a positive seal as the drop down models do go out of adjustment

normal solid core doors are generally not dense enough ( I imagine the units Steve has used are special acoustic doors) - you need at least 50Kg per sqm - something like two layers of 25mm MDF with green glue between would be good - you can get a complete tested system of frame and door but the cost does go up and the quality of installation is the deciding factor in performance



Bruce B

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Apr 26, 2010
Seattle, WA
As Phil said, I have 2" heavy solid core doors in the studio with Zero International seals all around and Cam-lift hinges. I even installed "communicating doors" with 8" air gap which goes outside. When we first installed them, the neighbors said they could see band members going in but couldn't hear a thing! YES!!!! It works!!
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Steve Williams

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Yes. June is a special solid core door and I have had it in now for over four years and never had a problem with the drop down seal