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Thread: AudiogoN Alternatives - The Master List

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    https://exchange.positive-feedback.com/ has just been added to the list. Thank you Andre Marc [spotted in another thread].

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    Quote Originally Posted by treitz3 View Post
    https://exchange.positive-feedback.com/ has just been added to the list. Thank you Andre Marc [spotted in another thread].

    Andre Marc

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    The fact that all of these alternative sites exists is good news. But to have great news, we need one to rise to the top and be the dominant player that audiogon was. In it's hay day, audiogon had more stuff to buy than probably everyone else lumped together. To be that effective now, I would need to advertise what ever it is I want to sell on multiple sites, keep each of them updated as I change a price, etc.

    I'm still convinced if one of the sites listed above was willing to invest the $ to advertise all over the web and, (for a while) offer some incentives to advertise there, they could take over the business.

    Maybe in a separate thread, I would love for someone to explain to me (and others) what has happened at agon. I know they were bought and web site was changed, but they seem to have implemented a "let's see how fast we can screw our customers, provide crappy service and pi$$ everyone off" attitude. Do they really believe that they can continue operating in this mode and not go out of business?

    Who are the new owners and what is their background? Audiogon, for all practical purposes, ran a monopoly that 90+% of their customers were very satisfied with and their business seemed to be growing. Why would anyone want to mess that with that kind of a model?

    I just don't understand.
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    Great job Henrik! Thanks from all of us :-)
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    Useful tool. Thanks !

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    Unfortunately, the decline of Audiogon is a major blow and, while this effort to list alternatives is welcomed and very useful, I don't think these other US sites listed here measure up just yet.

    The standard for a classified ad site couldn't be simpler - or harder. Do things sell at the correct market price? Nobody knowledgeable with good audiophile equipment puts it on Craig's list because it remains a bargain basement shoppers site. The good stuff was all on Audiogon. That's where that weird human sub-species, known as audiophiles, went to shop. McIntosh was the one exception - it always worked better on eBay. I think the reason is obvious: MAC gear is "collectible," but it's not considered "audiophile" by many, though that is changing.

    In the early days, many of us sold millions of dollars of equipment there. That's not an exaggeration. Qualified audiophiles were all over the site looking for gear to buy.

    But the new owners ruined the site not by slightly increasing fees (a good rule of thumb for the performance of classified sites is cost to advertise - if it's free, don't expect sales results), which I find perfectly reasonable compared to the 13% gouging eBay now inflicts (another ruined site), but by making placing ads incredibly difficult and at times impossible for weeks and weeks during the ownership transition.

    To this day, the site is difficult to navigate compared to the old site. Yes, the old site was incredibly simplistic and hokey. But it WORKED well. The new site is an pseudo professional graphic designer's idea of what a modern website should look like. I can't tell you what a relief it is to my eyes to leave the new site and go to pages that still remain in the old format - the Audiogon Blue Book pages for example, lame typeface, old-fashioned colors, and all. There is a clarity that is simply absent from the new site.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the new Audiogon makes a lot more money even with fewer users because of all the ads cluttering the sites pages. My educated guess is that it's still the best game in town in the U.S.. Shame. But hopefully, not for long. We deserve better.

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    This site should start a classified listing like audiogon. Why not? The there is enough following here.

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    Tom.......Thanks for this thread. I have bookmarked all of the sites. Very useful information.

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    Another site that's worth noting is www.hifihunter.com/us. Another big search engine covering lots of second hand sites across the globe.

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    I posted this in another topic thread, and it probably should be added here


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