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Thread: CES 2013 and THE Show Las Vegas 2013

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    CES 2013 and THE Show Las Vegas 2013

    Not sure if this is of interest, but there are photo-rich Show Reports (in-progress) on Ultimist, which has a number of photos from different angles for the rooms you are discussing here:

    THE Show 2013 coverage:

    CES 2013 Coverage (floor by floor. So far floors 34 and 35):

    Much more to come...


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    Thanks Mike and welcome to WBF
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    Hello, Mike and welcome to the WBF. Nice photos!

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    That is the the best CES coverage I have seen. Just great pictures shown in a easy to look at format. Thanks and welcome.
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    Great photos Mike!

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    Excelent report /photos mike , i see a lot of pics of rooms i havent seen yet.
    Looks like a zanden phonostage in the YG room ??? but i dont see a turntable ???
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    Welcome Plus you have a trading page. very interesting . An alternative to Audiogon?

    Great pictures!

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    I think Boulder has won the static display competition, i definetively like the 3060 stereo amp(not on display i know )

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    Thanks everybody.

    Just finished with posting THE Show photos and now it is back to the Venetian for floor 29. So we are about 2/3 through the show so far.

    Yeah, that Boulder 3050 looks like it might be nuclear-powered... :-)

    Cool thing about high-res photos is that not only do they serve as a better memory than the old gray matter, but they see better than a pair of tired eyes. All this results in me getting to see lots of things in the photos that I do not remembering seeing when I was there (Zanden in the YG Acoustic room? I'll have to go back and see...! ...Cool, looks like they had a Zanden preamp and a Veloce preamp).

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    -- Ultimist, Mike, thank you very much, and Welcome!
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