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Thread: Azimuth adjustment the easy way...

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    Last but not the least, Adjust+ gives another option of adjusting azimuth via phase angle difference between L/R channels. I find it quite useful and with some cartridges when the graphs of Adjust+ have proven that there have been divergence between cross talk and phase angle ie when you optimize the cross talk, phase angle had huge difference vice versa, it was better to optimize via phase angle or finding some angles which both phase angle and cross talk differences were very small.
    Yes, I've been saying this for years. My results speak for themselves.

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    Anyone have more information on exactly how the THD measurement is done in Adjust+?
    There's very little information about it, and I never succeeded to get clear info from Chris. It's a secret.
    The measurement is not really useful unless you know how and what it measures.
    To start with the track velocity is 11.3cm/s. That alone means more than 7dB above normal reference.
    I have a hard time evaluating this test...
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    If changes in sound are very small then they are not important.

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    I made prints from the manual:

    Name:  thd-manual-01.jpg.0258b7b5c70701caf9b121c84eeae47d.jpg
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    I still don't get it.
    Using the values for K1-K5 in his example i get THD -42dB (0.75%), not -38dB (1.17%) for the right channel.

    THD = SQRT [ (10^K2/20)^2 + (10^K3/20)^2 + (10^K4/20)^2 + (10^K5/20)^2 ] / 10^K1/20

    I also think 20xLOG(11.3/5.0)=7dB should be deducted to get a more comparable/standardised measurement. No?
    I.e. in the above example, it would make more sense to show THD -49dB (0.34%) @1kHz re 0dB 5cm/s.

    I know we should not rely too much on this measurement, but since it's there it should be understood.
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    If changes in sound are very small then they are not important.

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