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Thread: Top 25 Jazz Albums wu tube video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 24bit View Post
    Yeah, and there is so much good stuff still happenin'... check out Kenny Garrett, with the young wonder drummer Chris Dave, straight from church to Kenny Garrett.
    Woooow - watched it end-to-end..terrific!
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    Thanks for taking time to do this - much appreciated.

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    Best sounding jazz album

    Quote Originally Posted by jap View Post
    This list assumes that great Jazz recordings over the last 30-40 years don't exist.
    This ''european'' Jazz album shows that jazz is still renewing itself and in the case of this album, the sound quality of a jazz recording has never been better.


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    I do not know if the sound quality ''has never been better'', the sound of the albums from that label,, reminds me of some of my favorite albums from the end of the '50. I agree that jazz music is still evolving and that the european influence is starting to show.

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    It is a very good list, though. Maybe Oscar Peterson's Night Train could have been on and that would have made it perfect for a list of jazz from that period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jap View Post
    This list assumes that great Jazz recordings over the last 30-40 years don't exist.
    Actually, I believe the most recent release on that list is from 1973 (Herbie's "Headhunters"). So, there is more like 44 years to come up with a jazz recording to replace something on that list.

    At least half of my top 25 jazz recordings, would contain recordings from the last 30-40 years.

    Chic Corea, Allan Holdsworth, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Keith Jarrett, Steve Coleman, Cecil Taylor, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Weather Report and others would be represented on my list.

    Jazz is a living, breathing art form, not some sort of museum piece that stopped progressing in the late 60's, as many would have you believe.

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