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Hello Tang,
the Giga Protector is not battery powered. It needs a power connection just like the Grid Protector. The Giga Protector eliminates high-frequency interference fields in the room, whereas the Grid Protector eliminates high-frequency and low-frequency interference of the entire home network. Both devices should not be plugged into the circuit of the hifi system. It is best to have another socket in the room. The Grid Protector has even made sure that the image of my TV in a very different room is clearer. I have experimented a lot with filters, conditioners and Voodoo Elektrosmog products with good and less good results, the Schnerzinger Grid Protector fascinates me. You'll be surprised.
A disadvantage of the Giga Protector you should consider. In my listening room the radio reception of my telephone has become worse. To telephone I go now always into another room.
Hope that will help you.

That answers one of my questions. The other is Bluetooth for wireless mouse, keyboard, etc. Also those who use an I-Pad for controlling their music server.
You may want to shield the walls and part of the roof where EMR is entering toward your stereo components.