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Thread: Analog Eye Candy Part Deux, Tonearms

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    Interesting point. I will be able to answer part of that question when I get my Graham arm back from Bob, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. The ViV is really an oil damped unipivot without the twist. It also is designed on the principal that traditional headshell offset angle and overhang design cause more distortion than tracking angle errors. I recognise that this goes against received wisdom but it does seem to work. I have now lived with this arm for about 8 months so know it well. My only comment is that the set up template is flimsy and I would make a perspex gauge. Also VTA is a pita and a set of C shims would help

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    Infinity Black Widow tonearm

    A vintage blast from the past.
    Just a couple of pics of my Infinity Black widow tonearm. First photo with ADC XLM-II. Second photo with Sonus Blue. both cartridges are an appropriate high compliance match to the extremely low mass of the Infinity arm. This one is a later version with the damping trough.

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    I am surprised that no one has mentioned the Moerch DP8Name:  IMG_8091.JPG
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