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Thread: How does B&W Nautilus compare to the best of today?

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    Nautilus doesn't sound good with Classe. Back in 2002 (IIRC) when I was working in Hi-Fi business we had a loaner from B&W for a hifi show (we were authorised distributor of B&W and all the family of brands that go with it - Classe, Rotel to name a couple).

    Luckily for me, we got them some 2-3 weeks before the show so we had enough time to try them out with various amps and from what was available to us, they sounded best with McIntosh amps.

    When paired with the right equipment and placed properly in the room (our room was large, 70m2) they're truly fantastic on all levels. I used to come at night to have a listen on very low volumes as well as during a day hammering them with extremely high volumes. I played all kinds of music, well and not so well recorded ones and out of speakers I've heard so far (and quite a few of them more expensive) I'd still pick snails just because they were so listenable. Haven't heard the ones with diamond tweeter but one of our customers have had his upgraded and was very happy. Just my 2p from the road down the memory lane.
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