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Thread: Amplification options with TAD speakers

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGA View Post
    My Constellation Centaur Mono’s just came back from the factory, refurbished and updated to latest spec. Berkeley Reference DAC also updated to Series 2 MQA. Combination with the R1s is outstanding. Very detailed, incredible texture/color to the sound. No harshness at all. Micro dynamics and scale.
    Congratulations - the latest Centaur's are really impressive amplifiers, the improvements were considerable. I was not aware that old models can be upgraded - great news for users.
    Under construction around a pair of Wilson XLF's , Forsell Air Force One, ARC Phono 2SE and a DCS Vivaldi 2.0 stack : cj GAT + cj LP275m's, TA OPUS MM2 +TA XL digital, TA XL gen V power cables ...

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    To be clear, these are still Centaur amps, not Centaur 2s. I was told there were some changes over the years to the Centaur, and this is what was updated. The 2s are in a larger case.

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    I've recently listened the system Tad/Burmester of my dearest friend in Italy. The system is the following:

    - TAD Evolution One
    - Burmester 911 Mk3 power amp
    - Burmester 077 preamp (integrated version)
    - Burmester 948 power conditioner
    - Burmester 089 cd player
    - Burmester 100 phono preamp
    - Turntable Delphi V
    - Cables: Cardas Beyond/Nordost Valhalla
    - Rack Burmester
    - Fine Tuning: Taoc

    The sound was superbly amazing. Particularly the precise soundstage, linearity, phase-coherence with a totally natural reproduction, highly powerful resolution, tonal correctness. Great sinergy.

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    Kindest regards.

    Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life - Ludwig Van Beethoven

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