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Thread: Amplification options with TAD speakers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozy View Post
    I can't help but grin whenever I see this pic That's exactly how I ran my VR-9s in the past except having only an L2 Reference as the preamp.

    I'd also love to hear R1s with CH Precision M1s run in mono mode.
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    [QUOTE=AudioExplorations;118723]I would like to dedicate a thread to comparing and contrasting various amplification options for TAD speakers.

    Impressions have started popping up in various places, I have kept track of those particularly where multiple amps were compared relative to one another.

    Note that obviously this is all subjective stuff, commonalities in listening impressions may allow shortlisting of amps that generally seem to work well. Hopefully this list can be expanded over time as more people chime in with their findings.

    TAD M2500
    - Class 'D' gets a hard time with the Audiophile community, as with all pieces of equipment it is in the implementation that is the key. The TAD M2500 is a bit of the dark horse, it delivers in spades.
    - This amplifier is purely about getting to heart of the performance with no additives or artificial enhancements, very open sound, neither warm or cool, superb dynamic contrasts. The speed of this amplifier is quite special as well. The 2500 does have soul too, not a clinical or analytical portrayal of music just realistically honest. Presentation is grain free and projects a large sound stage behind the speakers, large scale material was handled exceptional well as was the more delicate Vivaldi and Kate Rusby compositions. It did require some time to fully present its best intensions, though in fairness all of the other quality pieces did as well. The 2500 strengths are power, poise, superb detail, great staging, dynamics and a very low noise floor; it gets to the music via another route. Again this amplifier will appeal to people seeking a greater reality and intimacy in their music, Oh did I mention the bass prowess of this amplifier, it is rather immense.

    TAD M600
    - These are without doubt in the Dartzeel NHB 458 league.
    - Utopian in nature.

    The Krell Evo series
    - These produced nice results.

    DarTZeel NHB 108
    (Note that I personally now use this amp now after living with a burmester 911mk3 for around a year. I absolutely love how this amp sounds on these speakers. I have included some of my listening notes comparing the 911mk3 to the 108B at the bottom of this post.)
    - Matches well just lacks real outright power.
    - I find it lacks texture and depth, it has superb the speed, detail and dynamics without question, I just feel it has no real musical soul with the TAD's.

    Audio Research
    - Seems to be hit and miss depending on models.

    Mark Levinson 532
    - Those looking for a slightly more laid back sound with the CR-1's - an inviting sound that appealed to number of people.

    DíAgostinoís Momentum monoblocks
    - An interesting pairing; they did make some very enjoyable sounds with real dimensionality plus a good natural pace. First class equipment.
    - It's big open and lush sound compliment the CR-1's with grace; it does gravitate a touch on the warm side, but does that matter? My suspicion is for 85% of listeners, not one jot. This amplifier will / is going to win a lot of individuals around with its very special combination of power, texture and listenibility. If you are in the market for a serious stereo power amplifier, the momentum stereo is a must audition.

    The Power modules incorporated LA-01 and MB500 monoblocks
    - Sterling performance with amazing dynamic shading and sheer freedom from the speakers (totally effortlessness).

    Devialet D-Premier
    - Did an admirable job of driving the TAD's well (though not at more realistic volume levels) A few rated this combination, a great all round package, though I feel ultimately will not show the CR-1's in their fullest light.
    - This pairing did not produce the great things I was expecting of them (They worked very well with the Wilson Sasha's). Certainly not a match made in heaven, I also listened to them on a pair of Q1's, that also did not produce a satisfactory result. These amplifiers are very good, pair them correctly and they will sing.

    Burmester 911mk3
    - It failed to ignite the real passion in the music which the CR-1 conveys so well with the correct pairings. Fast and dynamic sound, with large scale and great presence: big hifi sound. All the positives, just missing the vital ingredient: an engaging and musical presentation. The 948 conditioner did generate a more open and slightly sweeter sound it again took the sounds away from real music reproduction into the realms of Audiophile Hi Fidelity.
    - The pairing for me embodied all that is good about hi fidelity, great dynamics, large sound staging, sweet top end, totally grain free presentation and effortless power. Very fine pieces of equipment, bar none. The missing links for my preferences were simple: The combination just failed to engage me musically, I found it lacked the liquid fluidity of the music that captures the rise and fall in tempo, rhythm, being there sensation and overall emotion. Follow-up: As Iíve mentioned before its performance with the TAD is very good, it does compliment a great number of the TADís fortes. A big, open and powerful sound. Yet delicate when required, a very nice detail and tonal balance with quality articulate bass. It delivers pretty much all the traits audiophiles ask for in a quality piece of equipment easily, though as good as it is, and make no mistake it is very good it is not for me. However it does tick a lot of boxes for great many people, in this arena that does count a lot.

    - Not a good match at all, something very odd there

    - All sweetness and light, not much music. Would be better suited to Focal's

    - With the right speakers can sound nice, not with TAD

    Technical Brain (TBP-Zero/EX monoís)
    - Produced a sound that offered superb scale yet with equally superb microdynamics [JA]



    Who have experience of the combination TAD Labs + Analog Domain amplifiers ? and particularly with ISIS amplifier model (stereo or bridged mode) ?

    I would be interested to have a feedback ...

    Best - david

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    I used TAD Reference 1 with Burmester 911mk3 and with Vitus SM-011. With Vitus sound was much better, more colourful, more saturate, more music, more flow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sly30 View Post
    I used TAD Reference 1 with Burmester 911mk3 and with Vitus SM-011. With Vitus sound was much better, more colourful, more saturate, more music, more flow.
    Agree, the burmester gear is not a good combo with the TADs

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    I'd like to add the Technical Brain Integrated to this list.
    A truly remarkable amplifier at is so neutral from top to bottom and has more than enough power to control the big woofers on the Tad R1.
    I will be getting a m2500 soon to compare but if you are on a budget the Tehcnical Brain Int is the best integrated I have owned and I have owned a few.
    Don't let the specs fool you, the Transformer is the same used in the TB monos so there is plenty of headroom.

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    Constellation Centaur Mono's became a great match with REF1's. They are even warmer and definitely more musical than my previous tube amps, Ayon Epsilon Mono's.

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    Esoteric A-02 Stereo amp is a great match for the R1s in every way. Amazing mids, highs and rock-solid bass; the damping factor of the amp also ensures a rock solid grip on the speaker over the entire frequency spectrum. Highly recommend this amp with the R1s. I've heard Accuphase and upper-line Bryston is a great match as well. I'd imagine the Esoteric S1 and Grandioso M1s are also great matches but I've not heard them myself...

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    Anyone tried Concert Fidelity?

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    TAD electronics are worth revisiting at some point in your audio journey George.

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    My Constellation Centaur Mono’s just came back from the factory, refurbished and updated to latest spec. Berkeley Reference DAC also updated to Series 2 MQA. Combination with the R1s is outstanding. Very detailed, incredible texture/color to the sound. No harshness at all. Micro dynamics and scale.

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