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Thread: How Your iPad Was Made

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    How Your iPad Was Made

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    Look at the machine that presses the battery into the housing at around 1:00 mark. Notice that the worker's hands are free. As far as I know, in US, OSHA rules require that both hands be on safety bars before the press comes down as to avoid mangling your hands in there. At least that is the case with heavier machinery that stamps out metal parts. Stuff like that increases cost of production in US compared to China (and even Japan) where such laws (and litigation/insurance) are not required.

    Outside of that, those working conditions are quite nice relative to what goes on elsewhere....

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    Other than the "This American Life" ordeal, was there much controversy before hand ? I doubt for the most part people will ever know what does/doesn't go on behind the scenes. Too easy to make a video that paints a rosey picture, and just as easy to paint a sad picture. What matters more, (to me) do people even really care about people over-seas, let alone care about their neighbors here. It's slave labor, it even goes on in this country. $14 a day anywhere is not a livable wage, and how many working hours are we talking about. I personally think we shouldn't be doing business with any country (or corporation) that does not care about such things. Even more of a shame is our own American companies exploiting the people of other countries for the sake of a dollar. Greed no matter how you look at it is disgusting.

    I'm all for a global economy and trade, however it should be fair & ethical trade, not "free to do whatever a corporation likes" trade. We certainly can't claim to better morally and ethically when it comes to doing business in this country. Whatever happened to setting an example/standard in this country ? It's a no wonder why we are in the shape we are in. Innovation is no longer rewarded and often penalized. Just look at our energy industry and policies... We are still living in the world of dinosaurs. Anyhow, guess I should bite my tongue...
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    It makes you wonder what will happen when we run out of people around the world to exploit. I found it really sad when we shifted jobs to Mexico because corporations could pay their labor force much less. And then the Mexicans saw their jobs being lost to the Chinese because their labor rates are way lower than the Mexicans. So low that it was still cheaper to send raw materials over to China, have the products built, and pay for shipping back from China.

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