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Thread: Krell, Service, & Integrity

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    Krell, Service, & Integrity

    Recently, my Krell S-1200 processor began having glitches in its Dolby board. It would often lose the Dolby signal from DirecTV and emit bursts of noise. After a few conversations with their technical support guys and performing the requested menu adjustments, there was no improvement. I emailed Bill McKiegan, Krell's President, about the issue. He responded in a few hours, and told me that they were going to build a brand new unit for me!

    Krell sent the new processor (with the new 3D pass-through upgrade installed) within a few weeks. Bill McKiegan emailed me before I had even installed the new unit in my system, so concerned was he that I found it to work perfectly. Upon listening to the new version, I found it to be superior to my older unit and told Mr. McKiegan so. There have been zero glitches so far with the new S-1200.

    I wanted to be sure that word of a very positive experience were shared with the audio community. Too often, we are privy only to stories of disappointment. This is not one of those stories.

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    That's great Lea. Thanks for sharing.
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    WoW, that is awesome Lee! ...Thank you Mr. Krell (Forbidden Planet).
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    A Bug!! Naa...that's a feature!!
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