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Thread: Spectral/MIT Cables-Thoughts, Experience, Which do you use?

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    Interesting, I heard this may happen but thought it would be rebadged Matrix 50 and HD90. Looks like they have used the Magnum MA replacement as the base, still a big jump ahead in poles from the ULII series. I suspect they will sound very similar to when I was using the Matrix 50. I still use the 90HD speaker cables.

    What would be helpful to know is if they did anything that truly makes them different from the MIT version...which we will likely never really know.

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    Hi 1rsw,

    Going back to post number 8, I must not have read your original query carefully enough. I have not updated my MIT cables for some time but if you are talking about Spectral, my past experience tells me that the top of the line MITs bring out the best in Spectrals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1rsw View Post
    I agree, mixing too much can really screw things up. I couldn't swing the MA-X speaker cables too so I have the Matrix 90HD speaker cables which I am told is very compatible with the MA-X ic. I do have the MA-X digital cable also. You have what I wanted to get It's amazing how different the amps sound adding the MA-X, I am running 360 series 1 for now also. The amount of presence, authority and tonal depth is night and day from how they have ever sounded. I think if more people heard Spectral with the higher tier MIT cables of today they may have a much different opinion of both. Honestly, I cannot imagine an amp being too much better so I am pretty curious about the 260 (ships today!....1 week).

    The more I listen the more I think I made the correct choice with the MA-X. I may like to hear a tad more air or shimmer in the higher end but some of this is bass overloading my room periodically. I need to adjust speaker placement and acoustic tx's since adding the new ic's, that's how much it's changed the sound. Interesting thing is it does not sound unnatural or tonally modified. In fact, it sounds more lifelike and tonally correct. I think some people see the boxes and assume it is manipulating the signal to color presentation, like an EQ, but in reality it is only repairing damage done in transit so in the end the signal is more complete/accurate. I no longer bring up MIT in discussions or forums because it is so polarizing among audiophiles but I do sometimes read the forums, listen to my rig, sit back and grin
    I am using the same MIT cables combination as you. MA-X rca interconnect between dmc30ss2 and dam-260 and Matrix 90HD for speaker cable. Did you have the chance to compare Matrix 90HD vs the old Oracle MA speaker cable? I did a home trial of Oracle MA speaker cable quite a while ago. Though I did not have the chance to do a/b with both cables. it seems to me the Oracle MA is better than the Matrix 90HD or even 120HD. Oracle MA gives a more full body sound and more solid sound stage. To be fair, Matrix 90HD is less expensive. Still a very good cable and matches well with the MA-X interconnect.

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