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Thread: Why a $200,000 Stereo system is better than a $200,000 car

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    Why a $200,000 Stereo system is better than a $200,000 car

    Eight Ferraries, a Lamborghini and three Mercedes were in a car crash.....

    More pictures:
    Gary L Koh, CEO and Chief Designer,
    Genesis Advanced Technologies

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    For me, i live in the City...where am i going to go that takes me more than 20-30 minutes a day? Maybe a tad more on the weekends...because i have to circle the block 3 times to find a parking space! Whereas i get to listen to my system 7 days a week...2-3 hours in the evenings while i work late at nite and 12-15 hours/day on the weekends while we work, cook, etc. Now that is worth it (to me)!

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    At least the squirrel the Ferrari avoided survived.

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    Entirely agree .. Remember back in the days going too the dealer to buy a Toyota Camry and ended up with a Jadis Defy 7 !!! The best trade-up ever !

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    Anybody hurt in that wreakage of self-indulgence?

    In high-end audio, you can't even fight an opinion with the facts.

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    I think they were avoiding OWS protesters.

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