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Thread: CES/Lyra News

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    On a audiogon thread, Jonathan said he thought the price would come in at $9-9500.


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    Thanks Scott, that was more or less what I was expecting.

    Now we wait.............

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    For any Lyra fans interested, we will have a full review of the Atlas in our next issue. We also compare it side by side to the Titan i and Kleos cartridges, courtesy of a matched pair of AVID Acutus SP/SME V tables through the Vitus MP-P201 phono stage and ARC REF Phono 2 SE.....
    Issue #45 of TONEAudio (all analog, as will issue #46) will be out on Saturday.

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    side by Side..... Whoa....
    let me guess

    the best

    by far

    is the Atlas. A Game Changer.
    Then followed by the old fighter Titan i which is still in production but is not so natural from sound like Kleos (But has to be sold, too). But more detailed....but maybe depending on taste, or Phonostage, or Speakers or the constellation of the moon.... this can change...
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    I hate to use the word "game changer" but the Atlas is excellent. The Zinio version of TONEAudio is now up and the free version will be live Sunday night.

    The contrast between the three is interesting. There are some things that Kleos does better than the Titan i and vice versa. Glad I have all three and don't have to choose! No more cartridges for me this year, matter of fact may be thinning the herd a bit soon.

    But Kleos Mono on the way!

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